How to Buy GETTR Stocks – 2023 Guide


Jason Miller, a former Donald Trump aide and spokesperson, founded the social media website Gettr. By July 1, 2021, the platform’s beta version would have been released.

Its user interface and feature set have been compared favorably to those of Twitter. Due to the former president’s suspension, Trump’s team launched their own app which claims its mission to “promote common-sense challenge social media monopolies, and create a true marketplace of ideas.”

How to Buy Gettr Stock/shares?

Gettr is in the news because it will list on the NYSE very soon. Jason Miller, the company’s founder, hasn’t commented on this claim yet. In Q1 2022, Gettr intends to list on the NYSE. When the gettr stock is listed, we’ll update this post and let you know the specifics. In the meanwhile, you can read about Truth social stock ( Truth social is an app backed by Donald Trump and Media )

What is Gettr?

Gettr has received criticism for being a conservative social media site. Gettr describes itself as a “non-bias social network“, and bills itself as an alternative to mainstream social networks, writing in a mission statement that it aims to include “fighting to cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas”.

Can I Buy GETTR Stock?

GETTR is currently a privately held company, so regrettably you cannot purchase its stock. Since the company is still very young, a listing may eventually occur if the platform does continue to gain popularity. It’s an excellent way to raise extra money, especially given how well some social media platforms have performed recently. If GETTR resembles Twitter as much as people claim, it will also struggle to make money off the site. There may be a GETTR IPO in the future, but as of right now, there is no way to invest in the business.

Since GETTR is currently a private company, shares cannot be purchased on any exchanges. Retail investors cannot currently purchase GETTR stock, in contrast to publicly traded companies.

There is speculation that the company will list its shares for public investment, but nothing is definite as of yet. With the excitement around other “free speech” stocks this past year, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Soon, investors will be able to purchase GETTR stock.

Investors will have to wait until the company makes that choice, though, before then. Check out CFVI stock if you’re looking for another free speech social media stock that is currently on the market for investment. In an effort to further promote a neutral sharing environment, the SPAC merged with the video-sharing application Rumble.

Gettr Features

Getter’s user interface and feature set have been described as very similar to those of Twitter, with some journalists describing it as a “clone“.

On the platform, users can upload images, videos up to three minutes long, and posts with up to 777 characters. Users have the option of reposting other users’ posts and browsing a feed of hot topics.

On the day Gettr’s beta launch, pro-Trump hashtags, racist and antisemitic slurs, and theories about the origins of COVID-19 that lacked supporting data were among the platform’s Trending Topics.

Gettr stock is not yet listed on NYSE. Before news of the indictments spread, it was downloaded a little over 1,000 times from the Apple App store. Shortly after the indictment’s announcement, the number remained largely unchanged. With a rating of average, it received essentially universal acclaim. ‘most helpful’ comments appeared more political than technical in their praise; with names like “Escape from digital tyranny” and “back to free speech“.

Is GETTR Publicly Traded & Can You Buy Its Stock?

The company GETTR is not publicly traded because it is not listed on any stock exchange in the world. The social media company is still privately held, so interested investors are unable to purchase GETTR stock.

Retail investors could then purchase the GETTR stock if the owners decide they need to go public in the future and get permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Several businesses offer pre-IPO stock on the basis of an online lottery, and investors frequently show interest in such offerings.

Notably, GETTR has not yet disclosed any initial public offering (IPO) plans, so traders who are interested must wait.

The biggest GETTR story involves Joe Rogan, a well-known podcaster, joining the app for free speech. On Rogan’s Twitter, he posted his new profile, with the caption “Join me on GETTR.”

The app now has more than 4 million users, according to GETTR’s announcement made after the post. The company even went as far as calling it the “Joe Rogan Wave” and a “massive migration” from tech giants.

Moreover, CEO Jason Miller said, “GTTR’s momentum has been consistently building,” and the users moving over “represents a significant turning of the tide.” Before adding, “Silicon Valley has received a strong message.”

The action is being taken as major social media companies continue to enforce their policies. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, for instance, was suspended by Twitter last week after it was determined that she had broken the social media site’s misinformation policies. In addition, YouTube removed one of Joe Rogan’s conversations with Dr. Therefore, the decision shouldn’t be all that surprising. Robert Malone.

The app, according to Rogan, artificially increased the number of his followers, according to a recent Business Insider report. Even more, he went as far as saying, “it’s not real.”

What to Expect from GETTR

I think GETTR will eventually list its shares given that the IPO market had a record year in 2017. Several scenarios could result in the GETTR stock being listed on a stock exchange.

Through a SPAC, it can first go public. A blank check company merging could aid GETTR in obtaining capital to support growth.

The social media firm could, however, also conduct a conventional initial public offering. They could also raise money in that situation, but that usually comes at a higher cost. However, given the decline in many tech stocks, they may be waiting for more stable circumstances.

Keep GETTR stock on your watchlists, though, as it will likely attract a lot of attention if it ever goes public.

Should I Use the GETTR Platform?

Your personal preference is most definitely up for consideration, and politics will not be discussed in this article. In my opinion, GETTR appears to be having trouble figuring out who it really is. It asserts that everyone is welcome on the one hand. But on the other hand, it supports ideologies like right-wing conservatism and racism. Because of this, a sizable portion of its addressable market is cut off, potentially dooming the website as a whole. Whatever their political views, the majority of people I know don’t want to use a platform that hosts this explicit content. In order to make sure that people from all walks of life can feel safe, GETTR needs to clean up its filters. I won’t be using the social media platform GETTR up until that point.

Conclusion: GETTR Stock

The right-wing conservative viewpoints and ideas are primarily associated with the new social media platform GETTR. Though it advertises that cancellations are not allowed, it has already removed some ardent right-wing activists from its platform. Its platform is similar to Twitter. The website is linked to the soon-to-launch social media platform run by former US President Trump.

GETTR asserts that it will restore social media users’ right to free speech and that it will take on the largest tech companies to defend that right and fight political censorship.

Even if you wanted to, you cannot invest in GETTR because it is currently a privately held business.

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