Digibyte (DGB) is a rapidly growing and increasingly popular blockchain that was designed for speed and security in making decentralized payments.

Currently used in over 100 countries it comes with many cutting edge features for cryptocurrencies. These include minimal and even nonexistent fees as well as lightning-fast transaction speeds.

Mine DigiByte

When you start mining Digibyte, you have the option of either solo or pool mining:

1. Solo mining

Solo mining is when you do everything on your own. Since mining difficulties have risen, you have a very low likelihood of being the first one to solve a block. By solo mining, you don’t have to split the reward, but it could take months to find a block.

2. Pool mining

Pool mining is where a group of people pool their resources, or hash power, to identify more blocks and earn more rewards. The awards are then distributed equitably among the participants in proportion to the amount of processing power they contribute to the pool. Mining pools are better since you earn rewards regularly.

Digibyte improves the Blockchain’s value by allowing it to employ secure data and contracts, which was previously impossible. Digibyte mining is a great method to get started with cryptocurrency mining because it’s one of the few top coins that can still be mined on your own computer’s GPU and CPU.

Buy DigiByte

Here is the list of exchange platforms where you can purchase or sell DGB in different countries using fiat money or other cryptocurrencies.


Changelly is a crypto exchange online platform operating since 2015. Here you can instantly purchase DGB coins using your credit or debit card, bank transfer, or ApplePay. It’s also possible to exchange it for other cryptocurrencies (more than 150 currencies available) at competitive rates with low fees. 


At this crypto exchange platform, available in 25 countries, you can buy DGB at competitive rates using the payment method most suitable for your region. Available methods include PayPal, TransferWise, fiat and direct deposits, bank transfers, and M-pesa. Exchange for major digital currencies is possible as well.


CoinSpot is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2013. It offers opportunities to buy and sell over 300 digital currencies, including Digibyte. To buy Digibyte at CoinSpot, all you have to do is register an account with an email, deposit funds to it, and make an instant transaction to receive the chosen amount of DGB into CoinSpot digital wallet.


Abra is a crypto trading platform with a beginner-friendly mobile app available worldwide. At Abra, you can easily purchase or loan DGB and other digital currencies. It’s possible to make a payment with your credit or debit card or exchange Digibyte for other cryptocurrencies. In some countries, cash or bank payments are also available.


Bittrex Global is a large-scale crypto trading platform with a wide selection of currencies, utilizing the newest security technologies. Here you can easily and safely purchase, exchange or sell Digibyte. When using fiat currencies, you can pay directly with the card or deposit money at the free account on the site.


At this global crypto exchange platform founded in 2013, you can easily buy or exchange DGB and store it in a digital wallet provided. At Huobi’s peer-to-peer trading platform, it is also possible to purchase DGB with local currency at a 0% fee. In total, the platform supports 60 payment methods in 57 local currencies.


This digital assets platform is best suitable for people in the US, Europe, and Australia. At Sequoir, you can buy crypto instantly for USD, EUR, or GBP with a debit card at a transaction rate of 3.6%. It takes 5 minutes to place an order and buy DGB with no hidden fees since order prices are locked in at the time of placement.


This trading platform has more than ten mln users. Here you can instantly purchase Digibyte using USDT, Etherum, or Bitcoin. USDT can be purchased with Visa or MasterCard on the same platform. KuCoin also runs a P2P market, offers crypto lending services and trading bots, and provides a bonus of up to 500 USDT for newly registered users.

How to Earn Free DigiByte?

  • DigiByte Faucet
  • DigiByte PTC Sites
  • DigiByte Airdrop
  • DigiByte GameFi
  • DigiByte Bounties
  • Learning About DigiByte
  • Shopping Reward
  • DigiByte Interest 
  • Owning a Faucet
  • Write about DigiByte
  • DigiByte Affiliate Program
  • Free DigiByte Cloud Mining

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Is DigiByte Safe to Invest?

Digibyte uses a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism to verify its blockchain, like Bitcoin and Ethereum do. The difference is that DigiByte uses five different algorithms to secure its network. This creates an incredibly secure and decentralized blockchain. It would be nearly impossible to take over 51% of the hashrate of the DigiByte network and create a double spend attack, which happened to Ethereum Classic three times in August 2020, crippling the price of the coin. DigiByte does not have this vulnerability.

DigiByte is uniquely poised in the world of proof-of-work blockchains with the most secure network available. This gives the coin resilience, and is more great news for investors looking for a long-term hold in the crypto world.

Who is Behind DigiByte?

The founder and creator of DigiByte is Jared Tate. According to Tate’s profile on DigiByte, he is a US citizen who has been involved with Bitcoin since 2012. The board members consist of Hans Koning (chair), Rudy Bouwman (vice-chair & secretary) and Rutger Krijnen (treasurer).

The DigiByte Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer managed organisation set up to promote the project. 

Benefits of DigiByte (DGB)

The benefits Digibyte brings to the sector are many. For one, the protocol is a pioneer in terms of new consensus mechanisms and network features. The blockchain has proven to be very secure and operates as a fully open source project. Notably, DigiByte was released under the MIT license. As such, it’s verifiable by any individual or entity.


Another main concern for developers was scalability. Scalability issues have plagued previous PoW networks like Bitcoin. DigiByte eliminates these concerns to bring users increased transaction speeds. Specifically, DigiByte supports 1066 transactions per second. This TPS rate makes it the fastest UTXO blockchain in the world currently.  The network is able to obtain 40x the speed of Bitcoin through the integration of on-chain scaling coupled with OP_codes and SegWit.


DigiByte provides the market with more flexibility. The blockchain supports digital assets, smart contracts, decentralized applications, secure authentication, and much more. This improved functionality and features have helped DigiByte remain a top contender in the market.

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