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Bitcoin faucet is a website that rewards a small part of bitcoin in the form of “Satoshi” (the smallest unit of bitcoin, 1 BTC = 10000000 Satoshi) for accessing its web page and solving the problem of verification code. Bitcoin faucet makes money by advertising on its website or mining BTC. Bitcoin faucet is a free source to earn bitcoin online 24 hours a day through PCs and smartphones. These free bitcoin taps distribute satoshis every few minutes to people who do almost nothing. Therefore, if you are looking for the most trusted bitcoin (BTC) faucets (instant Payot), bitcoin faucets will be an excellent free source for collecting free bitcoin. Although many opportunities to make money limit users’ income, only BTC faucets can be paid for free all day.

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More Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin:


If you use Xfaucets bitcoin faucet strategically, it will be very profitable. This is probably the simplest and cheapest way to earn free encrypted coins online without any investment in your spare time. We try to make a profit from Xfaucets bitcoin faucet.

Creation Date2018.7.17
Update Date2021.6.17
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletFaucetPay/iCoinPay
Referral system25%+10%
Min Withdrawal0.00000001 BTC
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysFaucet, OfferWall, Affiliate

Creation/Update Date date from Whori.


Coinpayu bitcoin faucet only allows members to withdraw income in the form of cryptocurrency. The minimum payment threshold is 2000 Satoshi, equivalent to about US $1, which is very low and easy to reach. Fortunately, coinpayu bitcoin faucet has the most popular withdrawal cryptocurrency.

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Creation Date2017.6.9
Update Date2019.2.4
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletCrypto digital wallet
Referral system10%-50%
Min Withdrawal1500-15000 satoshis
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysView Ads, Complete Survey and Offer, Faucet
Support CoinBitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, BitTorrent, Tether, Cardano, Solana, Shina Inu

Freebitco bitcoin faucet is mainly famous for its faucet based operation mode, in which registered users solve and complete the verification code to generate Satoshi, and then convert it into bitcoin. Freebitco bitcoin faucet was founded in the British Virgin Islands in 2013 Freebitco bitcoin faucet is an online bitcoin faucet with functions including games, weekly lottery tickets and the ability to earn bitcoin every hour. Since their establishment, freebitco bitcoin faucet’s business has developed into a bitcoin destination supporting more than 36 million users. Freebitco bitcoin faucet also has a powerful recommendation program. You can use the recommendation link to recommend your friends to the website and get bonus and lifelong Commission.

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Creation Date2013.10.10
Update Date2020.4.17
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletBitcoin Wallet
Referral system50%
Min Withdrawal0.0003 BTC
Withdrawal Fee0.00000335 BTC
Earning WaysBTC Casino, BTC Dice Game, Lottery, Contest
Support CoinBTC


Bitpaye Bitcoin Faucet is a free PTC platform that allows many of us to get a small amount of encryption for free, mainly in the form of bitcoin (BTC). Nevertheless, BitPaye Bitcoin Faucet has recently adopted some methods to ask for and withdraw other altcoins directly from your wallet. The minimum withdrawal limit can be reached on this platform. You can easily reach the minimum withdrawal limit depending on the coins you want.

Creation Date2016.5.3
Update Date2022.2.11
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletFaucetPay/iCoinPay
Referral system10%-20%
Min Withdrawal0.00000010BTC
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysView Ads, Offer Wall, Short Link, Faucet


Apart from time, you don’t need any investment to earn cryptocurrency. You can get crypto by completing tasks, clicking on advertisements, etc. Today, you need a good user experience to maintain people’s participation and cointiply bitcoin faucet delivery. Cointiply bitcoin faucet has been running for more than 4 years. Cointiply bitcoin faucet is worth your time.

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Creation Date2017.9.7
Update Date2021.8.8
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletBitcoin Wallet
Referral system25% of referrals faucet & 10% of referrals offer wall
Min WithdrawalThe minimum DIRECT (to your Bitcoin wallet) withdrawal amount is 50,000 Coins. The minimum withdrawal for DOGE, LTC & DASH is 30,000 coins.
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysFaucet, Offer Wall, Complete Surveys, PTC Ads, Play Game, Promo Code, Quests
Support CoinBitcoin, DOGE, Dash or LTC


Btcclicks bitcoin faucet is a PTC (pay per click) website. You can earn millions of bitcoins by clicking and watching advertisements. If you have something to promote, you can also buy advertisements through btcclicks bitcoin faucet. There is very little information about the people behind btcclicks bitcoin faucet. What we know is that btcclicks bitcoin faucet was founded on April 5, 2013 and headquartered in Panama. There are countless users of PTC website on the Internet. Their views range from like clicking to hate clicking. The idea behind pay per click websites is to attract viewers by earning income through the online market. Therefore, the PTC website acts as an intermediary between consumers and online content producers. Producers spend money on advertising, and some of the money goes to viewers. It sounds easy, but it takes too much time, which is the only reason people don’t do it.

NameBtc Click
Creation Date2013.4.5
Update Date2020.3.16
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletFaucetHub and Regular Wallet
Referral systemup to 80% commissions
Min Withdrawal0.10000 mBTC
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysClicking Ads, Watching Ads
Support CoinBitcoin is a free crypto earning platform and we only need to check the advertisements and short links on the website to get cryptocurrency. Unlike other similar profit-making platforms, adbtc pays more Satoshi fees for each advertising viewing. In this way, you can easily make money. I can say this is the simplest way to make money. You just need to use your free time to make money. I will recommend this website to my friends.

Firefaucet bitcoin faucet is legal, it is undoubtedly worth it, and it is only occasionally used on a specific currency. This is very rare and can be refilled in a few days. This is really one of my favorite faucets. I totally trust it. Over the years, firefaucet bitcoin faucet has been constantly updated, bringing new features and fixing any vulnerabilities. If you see a lot of non robot twitter posters on twitter, it proves that Firefaucet bitcoin faucet is legal. We need a wallet before we start Firefaucet bitcoin faucet. We want to get paid if Firefaucet is successful. First, join the FaucetPay account for free, because you can only withdraw money from FaucetPay, and your payment wallet will be linked to faucetpay (get the free online wallet address from coinbase or others).
Creation Date2018.4.24
Update Date2022.3.30
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletDirect Payments/FaucetPay
Referral system20%
Min Withdrawal2-10 USD
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysOfferwalls, videos, surveys, shortlinks, PTC and faucet claim
Support CoinBTC, BNB, Tether, ETH, DOGE, LTC, DASH, TRON, Nano, Monero, ZCash, DigiByte


What is BtcAdv bitcoin faucet like? Is it really possible to make money from it? BtcAdv bitcoin faucet is a free encryption money making platform based on pay per click (PPC). BtcAdv bitcoin faucet pays cryptocurrency for users to watch advertisements on the website. Unlike other similar projects, BtcAdv makes money through advertising, while BtcAdv pays users to visit advertisers’ websites.

Creation Date2018.6.13
Update Date2022.3.3
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletFaucetPay/iCoinPay
Referral system30%
Min Withdrawal1 satoshi
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysFaucet, PTC Ads, Short Link, Lottery, Offer Wall


It’s a free encryption website, and you can get it. Dogemate bitcoin faucet is a new model website. Users can apply for encryption for free, which helps to raise people’s awareness of holding cryptocurrency. You can receive a small number of passwords at regular intervals by completing a simple task (via robot captcha for viewing advertisements). You don’t have to pay attention to the website. You can browse other websites while waiting.

Creation Date2019.3.12
Update Date2021.9.5
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletCoinbase, FaucetPay,BTC,DOGE,LTC,TRON Wallet
Referral system10% OfferWall+25% ShortLink
Min Withdrawal1000 Coins
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysRoll Game, Shortlinks, Offerwalls, PTC
Support CoinBTC, DOGE, LTC, TRON

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