Do you know what a bitcoin PTC site is? For those who haven’t heard of the acronym PTC, pay per click (PTC) refers to a website that pays you to see ads. The process of using the bitcoin PTC site is simple and clear. You can earn these online bitcoins or currencies provided by other websites without any investment. Remember, you will be paid in a comfortable home. Bitcoin PTC site’s online business model has proved successful because it has brought returns to many people around the world. Nowadays, there are many online bitcoin PTC websites on the market, but how many are legal and real? We’ll show you how to register, how to work, what to ask, and how to increase revenue on these bitcoin PTC sites.

How Does the Bitcoin PTC Site Work?

Bitcoin PTC site acts as a business intermediary between advertisers and website members. Usually, advertisers or online marketers need a lot of blog traffic to promote their products and services. Therefore, they seek traffic from these bitcoin PTC sites, which initially had a large number of registered users around the world. This is because these users are ready to watch any new ads. Therefore, pay per click bitcoin websites provide the high traffic required by online advertisers and marketers in exchange for bitcoin. Then, the bitcoin PTC site divides bitcoin into two parts and pays advertising viewers every day. Depending on the membership you choose, you will receive different levels of income for each click on these legitimate websites.

How to Make Money from Bitcoin PTC Website?

As we all know, bitcoin PTC website pays to watch the website through bitcoin without spending too much energy or requiring specific skills. Therefore, clicking on advertising is the fastest way to earn bitcoin. In addition, because of its simplicity, bitcoin PTfC site is one of the best online money making programs. Therefore, to make money online through these websites, you only need to click on the advertisement and view bitcoin PTC site within a certain period of time. In addition, the longer the advertising lasts, the higher the fee you will receive.

More Ways to Earn BTC:

Get Bitcoin Address

First, to earn bitcoin from bitcoin PTC site, you need a bitcoin wallet. Because when you register on these websites, you need to provide your bitcoin address and other details. Therefore, before using bitcoin PTC site, you need to create your own bitcoin wallet and get the number to which coins will be transferred. So if you don’t have a Coinbase wallet, iCoinPay wallet and FaucetPay micro wallet, go and register!

Advertising Type of Bitcoin PTC Site:

1. Surfing ads

In this section, we have 20 to 50 ads to browse every day. According to the time requirement, everyone (at present) can get a certain reward after watching each time. Each ad requires the user to open / view between 10 and 60 seconds. The best part of surfing advertising is that you don’t need to focus on the window of your mobile phone or computer browser, which means you can ask for it from other btc faucets or read news articles while the task is running. This makes it easy to perform these tasks in parallel with other tasks. In addition, we also found that the need to complete the verification code is not frequent. About every five advertisements will be viewed, and they have different verification code options, so you can avoid those very annoying Captchas!

2. Window ads 

Usually only about 5 are available every day, but the cost of each browsing is slightly higher than that of surfing ads. However, these ads do require your attention / browser’s attention to focus on the ads for the duration of the timer.

3. Video ads 

As the name suggests, these video ads usually open YouTube in browsers. Each browser has a timer of 30 to 60 seconds, and each pays some Satoshi fees. These also need the attention of the user’s browser. There are usually two to four advertisements to watch a day.

How to Earn More from Bitcoin PTC Website?

In order to make more money on the bitcoin PTC site faster, the most important thing is that you should log in and watch all available advertisements every day. In addition, you should watch advertisements on all websites you register at the same time. Therefore, you will save a lot of valuable time and earn more. In addition, you can upgrade your membership in the bitcoin PTC site, get higher rewards for your clicks and higher commissions for your recommended clicks.

Recommend your Friend

For website owners, it is worthwhile and convenient to use the PTC website for publicity purposes to attract more visitors to visit their website. In addition, free PTC websites usually have a recommendation system. Therefore, each website provides recommendation commissions for recommendation friends. Therefore, you can recommend your friends to the list of legitimate PTC websites, earn the Commission of recommended clicks, and get more bitcoin.

Join Similar Websites

Therefore, in order to make more free BTC, you should sign up for the bitcoin GPT website. These sites are similar to bitcoin PTC sites. However, in addition to click advertising, there are more bitcoin production options. This will include surveys, reading emails, etc. In addition, you should also try bitcoin faucets to earn more in a very simple way. In addition, if you have your own website, it can help you earn more. You can also try the bitcoin advertising network. Therefore, if you display advertiser banners on your website, you will have a chance to earn bitcoin.

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How to Withdraw Your Cryptocurrency?

FaucetPay (a Microwallet Provider) 

1,500 Satoshi minimum that will be converted to the crypto of your choice upon withdrawal.

Direct Payments and Withdraw Limit for Each

  • Bitcoin (BTC) – 11,000 Satoshi
  • Ethereum (ETH) – 15,000 Satoshi – Converted to ETH upon withdrawal
  • BitTorrent (BTT) – 1,500 Satoshi
  • Payeer (an online wallet that allows you to store fiat and crypto) – If you want a fiat currency – 1,500 Satoshi converted upon withdrawal.

Is Bitcoin PTC Website Secure?

Yes, bitcoin PTC website is secure. All bitcoin PTC websites use a security protocol called SSL, which is similar to the security protocol that banks or stores require you to enter a password. All members must verify with your phone number or ID before receiving payment. Then, the payment is verified and guaranteed by different payment processors (including PayPal, Liberty Reserve, etc.). Some bitcoin PTC websites also provide real-time chat functions, so that members can get help easily and instantly.

Is Bitcoin PTC Website Legal?

PTC website, if used properly, will be a very good way. It is reported that members have won hundreds of thousands of dollars on some PTC websites. They are online advertising networks that serve as a source of revenue for users. Bitcoin PTC website is almost similar to your blog or website recommendation, but you don’t really write or maintain a blog. Just click on the banners / advertisements provided by bitcoin PTC website to access the advertiser’s website online.

Is the Bitcoin PTC Website Worth It?

Yes, the bitcoin PTC website is worth it. It’s easy to denounce PTC as “get rich quick” plans, which are incredibly good. Many people think it is impossible to make real money using these websites. This is a myth. Bitcoin PTC website is a real website that can be used to make real money – you just need to know how. Bitcoin PTC website provides you with the opportunity to work from home, just click on the advertisement and complete simple tasks, such as filling in the survey.

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