AdBTC Top Review (2023) – Get Free Bitcoin by Viewing Websites?


AdBTC Top is a free cryptocurrency earning platform, running in PPC (pay per click) mode. Users only need to view advertisements and short links on the website to earn cryptocurrency. Unlike other similar profit-making platforms, Adbtc Top pays more Satoshi fees for each advertisement view.

You can decide quickly whether or not to sign up for AdBTC by reading this AdBTC review, which will look at all those aspects and give you an inside look.

What is AdBTC Top?

Adbtc top is a PTC website paid by bitcoin. Owners of various websites advertise on Adbtc Top to bring traffic to their websites, and people working in Adbtc visit these websites. In return, Adbtc Top shares some advertising expenses with the audience.

In short, Adbtc Top is a mediator between website owners and visitors. Think about whether you work on this website. You need to visit different websites. They pay 2 to 24 Satoshi for each visit, and in return, you have to visit for 15 to 60 seconds. The site is 100% trusted.

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How Does AdBTC Top Work?

Adbtc top is a pay-to-click (PTC) website that pays users for bitcoin advertising. The website supports both Russian and English.

The company said it was operated by a Russian owner. We further found that the domain URL was registered in 2016.

There is not much information about the site owner. However, this is a common scenario for websites related to encrypted faucets or online money-making websites.

How to Register in AdBTC Top?

After successfully completing the necessary registration, you can begin using the AdBTC service.

Let’s start by registering for AdBtc Top. On the main page of the site, click on the “Register” button.

AdBTC Top Review (2023) - Get Free Bitcoin by Viewing Websites?

Filling out the registration form is the next step. To create a personal account on AdBTC, you need to complete 5 simple steps:

AdBTC Top Review (2023) - Get Free Bitcoin by Viewing Websites?
  1. Please enter your current email address. It’s important to keep in mind that you won’t be able to change the specified email address in the future; as a result, it is preferable to provide an address that you regularly use.
  2. Give the bitcoin address. The wallet address where the Satoshi you earned will be credited must be entered in this field. Additionally, the website is a partner of the Faucethub service, which allows you to withdraw money with lower limits, and it supports all bitcoin wallets.
  3. The service suggests using complex, one-of-a-kind passwords that you don’t use in other applications to increase security.
  4. Put the checkbox “I’m not a robot”.
  5. Click “Register”.

You need to validate your email address in order to finish the registration process. Click the “Confirm” button as shown in the screenshot below and the service will send you an email with a confirmation code, which you must enter in the next window. To complete the registration, click “Confirm”.

Additionally, the AdBTC website’s administration issues a warning that it is not permitted to open more than one account for a single user. The use of a VPN, multiple registrations, and other strategies to get around this rule are also prohibited. – all this is the reason for blocking all accounts without the possibility of a refund.

After registering in AdBTC Top, you must enter your username and password to access the AdBTC website. Your personal account will then be accessible. Let’s check out the possibilities he presents.

How to Earn on AdBTC Top?

We must first look at how you can earn from this site in order to accurately assess AdBTC’s earning potential. So, the ways that you can profit from AdBTC are listed below.

Surfing Advertisement

Click “surfing advertisement” in the left sidebar. Complete reCAPTCHA and you will see the first link. Click open and you will see the page in a new tab. The timer for the desired viewing time will run in the Adbtc top. Get paid.

Active Window Surfing

Adbtc displays pages in the window of its site. After each page is loaded, you can view the set number of seconds. You must actively click on the top of the page to move to the next advertisement. (there is not much inventory. Adbtc mainly has surfing advertisements.)


view a web page in an open tab. You get a small Satoshi reward for every page you browse. Just keep the tab open and the new page will continue to load. (in my test, Adbtc had more Surfing ads than Autosurf.)

For each website, you visit or click on the advertisement, you will get the so-called “satoshis”. This is the currency they use on the website. If you are not familiar with satoshis, it is actually the smallest unit of bitcoin. At the time of writing, one dollar is equivalent to about 13300 satoshis.

Then, you can extract the satoshis you earn through the bitcoin micropayment platform FaucetHub. Or you can choose to send it to your bitcoin address. You can also choose to convert it to your ad balance. Your advertising balance can be used to pay for advertising on the website.

Referral Program

Additionally, you’ll be able to extend invitations to others to sign up and log in. And in exchange, a portion of the money they make from the website will go to you.

You will receive 10% of their surfing revenue for each person you refer to AdBTC as a member. It goes without saying that AdBTC, not you, will bear the cost of that.

To invite someone, all you need to do is send them your referral link, or if you have a website, you can embed your referral banner there.

You can’t always count on getting paid when you refer people to a website because it all depends on whether or not the people you refer stay active there.

Nevertheless, since it doesn’t really require much effort to do, it is a nice bonus to have. However, despite how simple it may seem, you still need to invite a LOT of friends in order to earn anything of real value.

Also check the video to learn how to earn in AdBTC Top.

Is AdBTC Top a Scam?

Adbtc Top is legal. It is possible to make money or obtain bitcoin on the platform. These are the positive feedback of users on the platform. These users made a lot of bitcoins and withdrew money.

How Much Can I Earn From AdBTC Top?

As you can see, you will get bitcoin, not real money. But for some people, it can also be regarded as real money. However, we should not expect to make a lot of money from adbtc top. Every ad you click on or website you visit will earn you about 10 to 40 satoshis. This is its reward.

Although you can argue that you really don’t need to do a lot of things to make money, the key is that you have to visit hundreds of such websites to make a dollar. And considering that every website you visit takes a certain time, it really takes a long time to make a considerable amount of money from this website.

Therefore, overall, the revenue potential of adbtc top is really low. You will have to invest a lot of time to make a lot of money. If you are looking for the best website to earn bitcoin, I suggest you check adbtc top to earn bitcoin.

How much money you can make from this website every day will depend on how many advertisements there are. Looking at the picture above, you can understand that many people earn more than 200 satoshis every day. Many times, they can earn more than 400 pounds a day. If you score higher, more advertisements will appear. You can see that I have made 131 Satoshi today. It can be said that you can earn at least 120 pounds a day from this website. This will take a total of 10 minutes.

About AdBTC Top Referral Program

“Recommended market” “This is nothing new in this industry, but anyway, it’s an amazing feature. Everyone who recommends users to adbtc can sell them within 7 days after registration. They will be placed in their own recommendation market, and other members will buy them there. We sell a lot of recommenders in this market, and we can tell you that some recommenders cost 500000 Satoshi. Basically, those You cannot make a referral. Please purchase a referral from another user.

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How to Withdrawal from AdBTC Top?

The minimum withdrawal amount of adbtc top is 1000 satoshis. From here you can pay through 4 wallets. These are faucet payment (create faucet account), courier, payer and any bitcoin address. In that case, I suggest paying with a tap. Because you can withdraw money only when it is 1000 Satoshi. The advantage of using faucetpay is that small payments received in different currencies from different websites can be converted to specific currencies.

Suppose you receive payments in three different currencies from three sites. Get $0.75 bitcoin from the first site, $0.80 eth from the second site and $0.50 dogecoin from the third site. Due to the small amount, it is impossible to withdraw money from here alone. But you can convert these three currencies into any currency. Use the faucet to pay for the exchange. You can exchange it at faucetpay for only $0.01.


I have reviewed adbtc top and proved its legitimacy through payment certificate. But is adbtc top worth your time? There are a lot of advertisements every day and the pay is good. In my opinion, this website is worth my time. It’s really easy to use and takes almost no time, because you can do other things while watching advertisements.

The main problem with most PTC websites is that you need to stay in the window for a while. This means that you can’t do other things at the same time. That’s too bad. But at adbtc top, you can do whatever you want while waiting for the countdown, and then start the next advertisement. This is really great. If you are interested in adbtc top and want to view it, please register at any time!

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