Top 9 Most Popular Solana (SOL) Faucets 2022

The Solana (SOL) faucet allows you to win sol in an easy way. You will be asked to click a button to prove that you are human (by filling in the verification code), so… SOL is yours!! We specially introduced the following 10 Solana (SOL) faucets – to provide you with faucets that are as simple as possible, so that you have enough time to use our other functions to earn SOL! Once you’ve collected enough SOL, you can put them in your wallet. All faucets donate coins through public channels, so these sol are not test coins, but real coins!

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DutchyCorp Final Faucet

NameAutofaucet Dutchycorp
Creation Date:2019.12.11
Last Payment Time:Apr 07,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:dutchybeatz
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$10.99 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$2,029.31 
Paid Amount a Month:$129,695.13 
Active User:15149
Total Paid Times:2973

Dutchycorp final faucet is one of the most popular Solana faucets. To make money, just enter the “free sol” tab and click the claim button. The amount of sol received depends on your luck. So if you think you’re lucky, dutchycorp final faucet is a great opportunity to double your wealth. No boring tasks – this is the fastest way to earn some Solana in a few clicks.

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Top 9 Most Popular Solana (SOL) Faucets 2023 is a Free SOL faucet that enables users the ability to earn free Solana every hour. You are able to solve captchas in order to accrue these Solana. also provides a platform that includes fair games that help you play to earn more Solana faster.

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Vie Faucet

NameVie Faucet
Creation Date:2020.2.04
Last Payment Time:2022.4.20
Claim URL:
Owner Name:tungaqhd
Supports Currencies:BTC, DOGE, TRX, USDT, BCH, FEY
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$287.77 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$180.74 
Paid Amount a Month:$18,630.31 
Active User:11389
Total Paid Times:11888

You can claim seven cryptocurrencies including sol in vie faucet. If you need vie faucet Solana (sol faucet) for instant payment, you must have the corresponding sol wallet first. Vie faucet’s registration process is very simple: you need an email and a password. After the account is activated, crack the verification code and press the magic button to make money. You only need to click the claim button every 15 minutes to get sol compensation. You can also increase your income in the dice game.


CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletFaucetPay/iCoinPay
Referral system30%
Min Withdrawal1 satoshi
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysFaucet,PTC Ads,Short Link,Lottery,Offer Wall

BtcAdv is another option in the list of best sol faucets: on BtcAdv, you don’t have to do anything difficult to win your tokens. After registering, you can see how many tokens you can receive on the dashboard, and then click the “claim now” button. Then, when you wait for the next batch of free tokens, you will be invited to click on the website – you can perform many different tasks. Then you can convert these tokens into SOL.
Paid 24 Hours$168.47 
Paid A Month$3,956.10 
Active User7650
CryptocurrencyBTC, SOL

One of the most striking features of is that it has a large selection of cryptocurrency, including sol. When you click the “declare now” button, the number of free SOL you get increases every minute. But of course, waiting too long is meaningless, so you can set the time interval for making money.


Creation Date:2020.11.24
Last Payment Time:Apr 07,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:doganaybtc
Supports Currencies:BCH , BNB , BTC , DASH , DGB, ETH
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$23.88 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$977.39 
Paid Amount a Month:$47,331.59 
Active User:6811
Total Paid Times:573

Coinpayz SOL Faucet is very easy to use: you don’t need to do anything, just visit the website and click the “claim” button. Next time, you can claim your sol after a period of time. Some users said that if you want to increase revenue, you can also join coinpayz’s Referral Program.


Creation Date:May 24,2021
Last Payment Time:May 05,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:hemajustone
Supports Currencies:BCH , BNB , BTC , DASH, LTC
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$8.98 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$36.41 
Paid Amount a Month:$1,656.99 
Active User:6976
Total Paid Times:5441

Aruble SOL faucet is also a good choice. The more times you visit the website, the faster the number of coins the website will give you by clicking the “Claim” button. This is an activity reward. If you go to aruble SOL faucet every day, the bonus will increase by 1% every day. If you miss at least one day, the bonus will be reset and you will have to start over. This is a reward for ordinary users. This is a typical way for SOL faucet to attract users.


Creation Date:Sep 05,2021
Last Payment Time:May 12,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:noez1
Supports Currencies:DOGE , TRX , DGB , LTC , SOL
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$0.03 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$2.95 
Paid Amount a Month:$90.65 
Active User:5301
Total Paid Times:320

Ezcoin is also a SOL faucet website that can provide free Solana (SOL). You can also get a bonus by inviting referrals – the plan is quite generous. Please note that the service allows users to set alerts, so you will receive a signal when you get more free SOL. Ezcoin doesn’t have a fixed period of time – the number of free SOL will slowly increase.

Turbo SOL
Creation Date:Feb 20,2022
Last Payment Time:May 12,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:Digital Gain
Supports Currencies:SOL
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$0.02 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$0.37 
Paid Amount a Month:$20.86 
Active User:4666
Total Paid Times:139

With turbo SOL, you can earn SOL without doing anything. You just need to solve Captcha. You don’t need to fill out the registration form to become a member of Turbo SOL: just enter your sol wallet address. After authorization, you can get free SOL if you visit regularly and claim.


Creation Date:Jan 02,2020
Last Payment Time:May 12,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:fernandojoana
Supports Currencies:BCH , BNB , BTC , DASH ,SOL
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$0.72 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:0.717386
Paid Amount a Month:0.717386
Active User:3485
Total Paid Times:652

Cryptorator is also an excellent sol faucet. In addition to sol, you can get any other cryptocurrency you choose for free. You can withdraw existing funds or invest them.

What is the Purpose of Solana (SOL) Faucet?

The purpose behind Solana (SOL) faucet is basically the same as that of other faucets, such as bitcoin faucet. Solana (SOL) faucet aims to spread the blockchain, mine tokens and expand the user base. Since the commercialization of this idea and the birth of various faucet businesses, faucets have made great progress.

Solana (SOL) faucet is used not only to spread a new and growing blockchain, but also for a variety of other purposes. Solana (SOL) faucet is used to make payments to enterprises or individuals who want to pay a small amount of encryption fees in exchange for sol tokens by crowdsourcing work. Solana is a great individual who wants to earn free sol through the tap to explore the way.

Solana (SOL) faucet can also be used for indirect purposes, such as studying the behavior of the public. The masses participate in the survey to understand their psychology and consumption habits. The best Solana faucet website for these secondary and tertiary applications or any other faucet is still under development and is not widely used at present.

Solana faucet is a world-class product provided by micropayment wallet. With Solana, users can receive Solana tokens directly after completing the assigned tasks. Since Solana runs on the Solana blockchain (SOL), no other platform can provide users with Solana tokens through encrypted faucets.

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Solana (SOL) faucet provides a smooth mechanism for collecting Solana tokens or coins. Solana blockchain is the basis of the whole blockchain experience. Sol faucets may immediately become popular among first-time users. This is because of its simple information user experience and the convenience of collecting coins. Solana (SOL) is considered to be a strong opponent in the world of encrypted gambling and blockchain. Solana is the first choice for Web3 developers because it is fast. No other competitor can compare with Solana’s almost unlimited scalability options. There are more than 2500 transactions per second on Solana platform, and the total transaction volume is unspeakable. Solana has become the fastest growing blockchain ecosystem based on Web3 portal.

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