BtcVic Review (2023) – Earn Bitcoins By Surfing Ads (Scam Or Legit?)

With BtcVic, you can earn income by clicking on paid links, but how does BtcVic work? How to get free direct recommendations at BtcVic? After reading this article, you will learn how to make money with BtcVic.

What is BtcVic?

BtcVic is an active PTC website. For about a year, it can earn Satoshi by displaying advertisements. BtcVic users can request withdrawal after obtaining 0.00015 BTC. You just need to click the “view ads” page, and after 10 seconds, you will get a certain amount of bitcoin. BtcVic’s revenue from recommended clicks is 50%. As a registered gift, Satoshi has no advanced subscription and only standard configuration files. The main language of BtcVic is English. In terms of graphics, it is easy to understand even if there is a little Spartan. You can request payment at any bitcoin address (coinbase, blockchain, etc.).

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How Does BtcVic Work?

BtcVic is an online community with various opportunities to make money through encryption. At BtcVic, in addition to PTC, you can also make money by paying for surveys and recommendations. You can use mobile phones, laptops and other devices to click ads, watch videos and participate in paid surveys.

How to Earn on BtcVic?

You can request payment at any bitcoin address. The minimum payment amount of BtcVic is 0.00015000 BTC. In the upper left corner of BtcVic website, the “view advertisement” screen will appear after user registration: after clicking, various advertisements of the day will appear; On average, their display time is 10-20 seconds, but there are also about 70 or 100 seconds. In this case, the revenue of bitcoin will be greater. There are too many advertisements.

Is BtcVic a Scam?

BtcVic is not a fraud platform. Register to get 50 Satoshi! Plus 42 Satoshi for viewing ads only. You can also earn up to 25 Satoshi per referral click.

How Much Can I Earn from BtcVic?

How much money you can get from BtcVic depends on job availability. You can generate a considerable amount of money as a second income to help you in your life. BtcVic helps improve your living standard and make more money in your free time. It is recommended that all people who have free time use it. Students, housewives and even job seekers can join BtcVic and earn extra money online by doing what they like.

BtcVic Referral Program

BtcVic recommends that the number of clicks is equivalent to 50% of the profits obtained by users.

How to Withdraw on BtcVic?

BtcVic’s minimum withdraw amount is 0.00015 BTC. BtcVic users can withdraw 0.00015 BTC to any BTC wallet.


BtcVic is a kind of PTC (pay per click) through which you can pay to view websites. BtcVic is a mature bitcoin PTC website. I believe most PTC hunters don’t know about this website, probably because BtcVic website doesn’t spread much. In terms of popularity, BtcVic may not challenge the above two websites, but in my experience, they are really good. You can earn about 800 satoshis per click and about 400 satoshis per recommended click. BtcVic’s click through rate and recommendation rate are higher than the average level, and payment is made in time, so users can consider joining BtcVic.

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