Evidation Review 2023 – Is Evidation Legit

Evidation Review 2023 - Is Evidation Legit

Users of the Evidence health app receive points for engaging in healthy behaviors like maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, or responding to health surveys. When users link Evidation to different mobile health apps, it functions.

You can get free money and gift cards by sharing your data and exercising with the Evidation app, which is not a scam.

I’ve covered everything you need to know about Evidation in my review to help you decide if it’s worthwhile to use.

What is Evidation?

Evidation Review 2023 - Is Evidation Legit

The app Evidation, formerly known as Achievement, offers points to users who engage in healthy behaviors like meditation, exercise, healthy eating, joining health programs, and contributing to research.

Evidation Health, a 2012-founded business with headquarters in San Mateo, California, is the app’s owner.

More than 2 million people have downloaded the free Evidation application. The website is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices and has awarded over 100 million user activities totaling more than $500,000.

How Does the Evidation App Work?

Evidation Review 2023 - Is Evidation Legit

When you download the app, you can start earning “points” in a variety of ways, from connecting a wearable device to taking surveys.

I’ve broken down some of the ways you can earn below, along with a brief explanation of how each section functions within the app.

Evidation Pros & Cons

Evidation Pros

  • By leading a healthy lifestyle, you can earn some money with evidence.
  • The platform encourages users and potential subscribers to Evidation to maintain good physical and mental health.
  • The software complies with the WGAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).
  • Access to and use of the app are free for users.

Evidation Cons

  • Evidence is only available to people who live in the US.
  • To connect other apps with Evidation and earn redeemable points, you must download them.

How to Sign Up With Evidation?

The following are the steps involved when signing up with the Evidation health app:

  1. On your Android or iOS phone, first download and install Evidation from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Providing your email address and creating a password is the second step.
  3. Create your Evidation profile by entering your personal information in the third step.
  4. Following that, you get an email asking you to confirm your account within 4 days.
  5. You can begin connecting your apps to earn points after completing the sign-up process.

Is the Evidation App a Scam?

Evidation Review 2023 - Is Evidation Legit

A legitimate way to exercise for money is through evidence. Many real people are available to attest to their income. In this article, some of their tales are presented.

You earn more reward points for exercising more. You can also earn points while you rest by reading articles about health and taking surveys.

Although Evidation is 100% free, there is a “catch.” Companies involved in market research and healthcare form partnerships with Evidation. You subsequently gain reward points as a result.

So, this is a good way to make a little extra money if you feel comfortable sharing your health history and exercise routine. You can choose to share as much or as little information about your fitness and health.

Depending on the apps you sync, certain activities will earn you points. For instance, you could decide to track your heart rate but earn points only for walking.

Daily point earning is still occurring even though it is decreasing.

Is Evidation App Free to Join?

There are no in-app purchases and joining Evidation is completely free. Any premium fitness app or wearable you use might require a separate payment. But Evidation doesn’t receive any of that money.

How to Earn from Evidation App?

Additional opportunities to earn six points from your daily activities may be provided by Evidation and the various fitness apps.

Online Surveys

For additional points, you can participate in online health surveys. The Evidation offer wall is where you can find the most recent offerings.

You earn 200 points when you sign up by answering a basic health questionnaire. Other surveys only take a few minutes to complete and can pay up to 50 points each.

Contrary to consumer opinion surveys, these surveys take less time to complete. Additionally, the results of these surveys may open doors to more lucrative advanced health studies.

These cutting-edge medical studies pay anywhere from $60 to $200 per study.

Different subjects are the focus of advanced studies. To participate in a study, members must receive an invitation. Being physically active and having a certain medical history could increase your chances of getting an invitation.

Ellen J, who was spoken with in May 2019, revealed that she is currently enrolled in a 12-week advanced study. She earns $55 in bonus money each day by completing quick surveys.

Additionally, she continues to receive points for her regular exercise and daily activity.

Reading Articles

You can occasionally read succinct articles about various health topics. You receive 25 points for each of these articles, which are typically read in four minutes or less.

Research on migraines or the significance of properly taking medication are a couple of the potential topics you might read about.

On the Evidation offer wall, you can find fresh articles. Evidence can alert you so you are aware when new deals become available.

Referring Friends

Perhaps having a friend join you for exercise increases motivation. If so, each friend you recommend earns you 100 points. You can earn 2,000 bonus points by referring up to 20 friends.

How Much Can You Make from Evidation App?

On the Evidation app, you can earn more than $28 annually. For each activity you carry out and record using the platform, you receive about 80 points per day.

More than 28,000 points are accumulated annually, and each point is worth $1. If you do the calculations, this adds up to more than $28 per year.

For each task and application you use, you receive a different number of points. For instance, using the Fitbit app to track your walking steps will earn you 1,000 points while using Apple Health will earn you 4000 steps.

How to Redeem Points With Evidation?

You can redeem your points on the app for cash, direct deposit, gift cards or donating to charities, as explained below:

1. Cash

When you reach 10,000 points on Evidation, you can withdraw $10. PayPal is used for withdrawals.

2. Direct Deposit

Additionally, you have the option to redeem your rewards and withdraw them right into your bank account. As an illustration, you can transfer $20 into your bank account by exchanging 20,000 Evidation points.

3. Gift Cards

People can also exchange their points for gift cards at well-known online retailers like Amazon using the app.

4. Donating

By exchanging your points for contributions to nonprofits like UNICEF, Evidation can also help you give back to society.

Who Can Use Evidation?

Evidation only accepts members who are at least 18 years old.

People use Evidation for a wide range of fitness objectives. Perhaps you’d like to lose weight for a living. On the other hand, you might only want to improve your daily routine.

Another possibility is that you relish the challenge of accumulating the most points each day.

Conclusion: is Evidation Worth It?

Evidation is worthwhile, not for the money you’ll make from the app but rather for the health benefits. With the app, you can control your physical and mental well-being even though the earnings are not substantial enough to pay your bills.

With Evidation to track your fitness objectives, you spend about $30 annually. The app is not a website where you can make quick money as a result. But if you’re into health and fitness, you can ignore the money and only worry about getting healthier.


Does Evidation Really Pay You to Walk?

Earn up to 80 points each day for each activity that is tracked and variable (including cycling, walking, running, swimming, and other forms of exercise). Here is a list of the apps that we support. Earn 6 points for each fixed activity, including keeping track of your food intake, sleeping patterns, body weight, and more.

How Do I Cash Out on Evidation?

At the top of the screen, next to the point total, there is a prompt that says “Redeem.” Tap that to receive your reward. Tap the “Redeem your Points” button. Scroll down and tap the “Get your Reward” button. Your reward will soon arrive!

What Does Evidation Do With Your Data?

We combine your answers to these daily questions with information from your connected apps, such as your activity, sleep, and heart rate data, and look for trends for users who have health or fitness tracking apps connected to Evidation.

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