Coinadster Review (2023) – How To Earn Bitcoin for Free


In this article, we will introduce the website Coinadster. Like other websites, Coinadster explains my experience in this field, what choices you must obtain, how to use it, and so on. Coinadster is a very complete crypto earning website. Coinadster has its own faucet, where you can earn BTC for free. You can also earn income by watching advertisements, visiting short links, etc.

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What is Coinadster?

Coinadster and MoreMoney are very similar free bitcoin websites. Coinadster has a complete PTC advertisement, a faucet with a 5-minute timer, a short link to bitcoin rewards, discounts, lottery tickets and more ways to get BTC Satoshi.

  • 5 minute roll from 4- Satoshi
  • Shortlinks 20-7 Satoshi
  • Offers
  • Withdrawal from 1000 Satoshi

How Does Coinadster Work?

Bits is an internal currency of Coinadster. You will be rewarded after completing each activity that can be converted into bitcoin. 1bits=1 BTC Satoshi now. Changes from bits to satoshis are automatic and reflected in the left sidebar.

The whole site is working well, but it seems a little bleak. For example, if you look at the FAQ, you will immediately see that the effort invested is very low. There are many advertisements. A lot. There is an advertisement in almost every space, but at least there is no annoying advertisement. There are no pop-up windows, and nothing blocks the view or menu. This makes the Coinadster easy to use.

How To Earn On Coinadster Work?

You need to register at the coonadster website first. Joining the Coinadster website is simple and fast.

  • Click the link:
  • Create the user name of your choice, place the email, the required password, agree to the terms and conditions, and then click Register
  • Confirm your email to activate your account.
  • Congratulations! You can now start making money in Coinadster.
  • PTC- use the timer to access the website every day. Get 10 bits, and the advertising length is 5 seconds
  • Short Link – More then 30 link solution. Each short link can earn 40 to 25 bits
  • Competition – get invited referrals or offer more discounts (400000 – 100000)
  • Faucet – claim every 20 minutes. Scroll 1 to 99.99. (earn 10 – 3000 bits based on the number of volumes)
  • The investment game predicts whether the price of bitcoin will rise or fall.
  • Achievements – get rewards after completing the task. (applying for your achievement)
  • Lottery – join the lottery and buy the lottery. The ticket price is 10 bits or 1 Satoshi. Reward 10000 bits

Is Coinadster a Scam?

Coinadster is a legal faucet. The withdrawal amount of Coinadster is also very low, so you can easily reach it in a few days. Unlike other faucets, there are very high withdrawal restrictions. One of the characteristics I particularly like about this faucet is that it has a happy moment, during which you can enjoy every minute, so that you can do well for yourself in terms of faucet income. This is not a big income, but in my opinion, as a faucet, Coinadster is quite good.

How Much can I Earn from Coinadster?

There are 55 short links available every day. If you solve them all, you will get 1518. Therefore, if you apply for and resolve all short links many times, you can easily earn more than 200 satoshis a day. But to be honest, the payment is not good enough to solve a lot of short links.

Coinadster also provides PTC ads, but these ads are really annoying. You must always keep the focus of the window, which makes them boring. After a few seconds, you must solve the verification code and get 15 to 20bits.

You can bet on the bitcoin prize. If you are right, you make 1.5 times as much money as you invest. It’s really bad because you have a 50% chance of winning. If you want to gamble, you’d better use roulette. There you also have nearly 50% chance, but you get twice the original amount.

Coinadster Referral Program

Coinadster offers membership. If you pay monthly, you can upgrade your membership. Then you make more money from the coonadster faucet and other methods. You can also benefit more from referrals. If you do not have membership, you will receive 5% of all income you recommend. He doesn’t make a lot of money. You get it directly from coonadster. 5% Commission is not much. Even if you have many letters of recommendation and upgrade your membership to the current maximum plan, you can still only get 20% Commission. That’s not much. We can’t recommend that you upgrade your membership. Even if you’re really active, it’s not worth your money.

How to Withdraw on Coinadster?

There are two ways to request payment from the site.

  • Faucet Payment – Minimum 1000 Bits or satoshis
  • Bitcoin Wallet – Minimum 10000 Bits or satoshis


Coinadster is a faucet website that can help you get Satoshi for free in your spare time. Coonadster works very well. You can apply every 10 minutes. PTC advertising is also very good, but the payment is too low. We can only recommend Coinadster. If you want to use more faucets every day after using the best faucets, otherwise, it is really not worth your time. We haven’t received the payment yet, but the minimum withdrawal amount of Coinadster is not high because the income is very small.

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