Litecoin faucets allow users to earn Litecoin tokens by performing simple tasks. For each task the user performs, there will be a certain amount of Litoshi attached to it. First, let’s take a look at the popular Litecoin faucet platforms available, data from

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Best Litecoin (LTC) Faucets Quick View

  1. DutchyCorp Final Faucet – Best both auto faucet and manual faucet to get free LTC
  2. Claim Free Coins – Best LTC Faucet directly payout to FaucetPay
  3. BtcAdv – Best Faucet to claim LTC per 2 minutes with a low withdrawal requirement
  4. Diamond Faucet – Earn free BNB in multiple ways including Faucet
  5. Vie Faucet – Claim free coins every 2 minutes, which can be transferred to LTC when withdrawing
  6. AutoFaucet – Best free crypto platform with auto faucet to earn LTC
  7. BitPaye – Best crypto earning site supporting multiple ways to earn LTC
  8. CoinPayz – Support 26 cryptocurrencies faucets including LTC
  9. Diamond Faucet– One of the best legal LTC faucets in 2022
  10. Dogemate – Top crypto website to earn free LTC
  11. Aruble – Provides one of the best ways to get free encryption and free Litecoin

DutchyCorp Final Faucet

NameAutofaucet Dutchycorp
Creation Date:2019.12.11
Last Payment Time:Apr 07,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:dutchybeatz
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$10.99 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$2,029.31 
Paid Amount a Month:$129,695.13 
Active User:15149
Total Paid Times:2973

Dutchycorp final faucet will reward users with LTC tokens according to the workload they complete on the website. Dutchycorp final faucet requires users to participate in simple tasks, such as watching videos, watching advertisements, completing surveys, etc. Dutchycorp final faucet is one of the best choices you can use in 2022. The platform was built to meet the needs of tourists. A notable development of dutchycorp final faucet is that it provides a simple and intuitive interface. Users who use the instant LTC platform for the first time can easily operate and understand the whole process.


Creation Date:2020.11.18
Last Payment Time:Apr 07,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:Digital Gain
Supports Currencies:BCH, BNB, BTC, DASH, DGB, LTC
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$1.92 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$26.24 
Paid Amount a Month:$1,463.82 
Active User:18695
Total Paid Times:4189

One of the characteristics of claimfreepoints is its cleanliness. This litecoin faucet has no annoying pop-up ads, and the available text ads are very limited. This ensures that there is little distraction when using the faucet. When you start using claimfreepoints, you will be allowed to file a claim every 5 minutes, in which case the claim is much higher than other legal litecoin faucets.


CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletFaucetPay/iCoinPay
Referral system30%
Min Withdrawal1 satoshi
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysFaucet, PTC Ads, Short Link, Lottery, Offer Wall

In order to make users more satisfied, btcadv LTC platform provides its users with additional invitation bonus. If you apply once a day, the daily bonus can be increased by 100%. You can get tokens in btcadd, and then you can exchange these tokens into litecoin. With these features, btcadd can easily be considered the best litecoin faucet.

Vie Faucet

Creation Date:2020.2.4
Last Payment Time:Apr 07,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:tungaqhd
Supports Currencies:BTC, DOGE, TRX, USDT, BCH, LTC
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$77.65 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$180.74 
Paid Amount a Month:$18,630.31 
Active User:11318
Total Paid Times:1980

Vie faucet is another litecoin faucet that made headlines in 2022 due to its high and easy to pay capacity. To earn litepoints in vie faucet, you need to sign up for an account and start making money by watching ads. In addition, users can create advertisements to promote any website they will choose.
Paid 24 Hours$168.47 
Paid A Month$3,956.10 
Active User7650
CryptocurrencyBTC, LTC is also a well-designed and intuitive LTC platform. The platform provides users with three different advertisements. The first type of advertising is surfing advertising, which takes a few seconds to get paid after clicking. After a few advertisements, you need to confirm your humanity through the verification code. The second category is windows advertising. You need to click it to make money. However, in this case, you need to keep your label in focus, which will make things a little more complicated. These monitors can easily perform this task. LTC faucet the last type of advertising is video advertising, which allows users to watch videos to earn money. The income of this advertisement is quite good, although it is not high compared with the previous two times.


Paid 24 Hours$265.21 
Paid A Month$265.21 
Active User6892
CryptocurrencyBTC,  LTC

Bitpaye litecoin faucet is one of the best litecoin faucets currently available. Bitpaye aims to ensure that users’ needs are met with interest. The first way they do this is to make sure there are no annoying advertisements on the website. This means that users will not be distracted as they continue to make crazy money. Bitpaye’s user interface is also designed in an intuitive and modern way to make it easy to use. For users who use bitpay litecoin faucets, you will have the opportunity to get litoshi every 30 minutes.


Creation Date:2020.11.24
Last Payment Time:May 05,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:doganaybtc
Supports Currencies:BCH, BNB, BTC, DASH, DGB, ETH, LTC
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$23.88 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$977.39 
Paid Amount a Month:$47,331.59 
Active User:6811
Total Paid Times:573

Coinpayz litecoin faucet gives 25% commission to those who use the recommendation system. The best feature of this faucet is its payment method. It will immediately enter the user’s additional address directly. Since its launch in 2017, coinpayz free faucet has been one of the faucets with the highest income in 2022.

Diamond Faucet

NameDiamond Faucet
Creation Date:Oct 05,2020
Last Payment Time:May 05,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:crisanrimor
Supports Currencies:BCH, BNB, BTC, DASH, LTC
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$11.94 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$61.38 
Paid Amount a Month:$4,807.07 
Active User:5892
Total Paid Times:6814

Diamond litecoin faucets are rare on the whole because the idea behind this technology is little known compared with several other existing faucets. Due to the anonymity of the founder, diamond faucet was rated as one of the best legal LTC faucets in 2022. The main function of free faucet is that users can earn different cryptocurrencies, including litecoin. One of them can earn income through their high paid advertising and different games provided on the platform.


Creation Date2019.3.12
Update Date2021.9.5
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletCoinbase, FaucetPay,BTC,DOGE,LTC,TRON Wallet
Referral system10% OfferWall+25% ShortLink
Min Withdrawal1000 Coins
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysRoll Game, Shortlinks, Offerwalls, PTC
Support CoinBTC, DOGE, LTC, TRON

When using the Dogemate litecoin faucet, you can apply every once in a while, and eventually you will receive an instant reward, depending on the cryptocurrency you choose. You can also use dogemate’s PTC ads to earn litecoin. Each ad pays at least 100 Satoshi, which is an expensive transaction.


Creation Date:May 24,2021
Last Payment Time:May 05,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:hemajustone
Supports Currencies:BCH, BNB, BTC, DASH, LTC
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$8.98 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$36.41 
Paid Amount a Month:$1,656.99 
Active User:6976
Total Paid Times:5441

The last best litecoin faucet is aruble faucet, which provides one of the best ways to get free encryption and free litecoin. The fire hydrant’s revenue comes from watching advertisements, although the website does not reward users to participate in games such as dice and lottery tickets. To earn litecoin on aruble faucet, you just need to click claim and get the highest 800 satoshis in 5 minutes.

What is Litecoin (LTC)?

In 2011, litecoin, founded by Charlie Lee, a former Google and coinbase employee, aims to become the gold and silver of bitcoin. Litecoin (LTC) is an open source point-to-point digital currency that can be used for real-time and almost cost-free transactions. Litecoin is a branch of bitcoin protocol, so it has many similarities. In the past year, litecoin (LTC) has maintained its position as the top ten cryptocurrency by market value, with a current market value of $4.8 billion. Litecoin (LTC) uses proof of work as its consensus mechanism and script as its selected hash algorithm. Block generation time is 2.5 minutes, while bitcoin is 10 minutes, so it is widely touted as a cryptocurrency with faster payment speed and lower cost.

With the continuous development of litecoin ecosystem, litecoin faucet has become an important way for individuals to obtain cryptocurrency exposure without having to invest in it.

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What is Litecoin (LTC) Faucet?

Cryptocurrency agnosticism defines litecoin (LTC) faucet as an incentive mechanism, usually in the form of web pages or applications, to reward users to use a small amount of cryptocurrency when completing tasks such as verification codes or playing games. The first tap is a website developed by Gavin andreson, a former core developer of bitcoin, which rewards users with bitcoin they can consume. The faucet was originally designed to let users visiting the website understand all aspects of cryptocurrency. For example, using the litecoin faucet, you may see educational content related to the litecoin protocol, such as current mining difficulty, current block reward, etc.

How Litecoin (LTC) Faucet Works?

Using the litecoin faucet, as well as any other cryptocurrency faucet, users who successfully complete the task will have the opportunity to apply for their reward. In this case, this will be a small number of litecoin. Some litecoin (LTC) faucets limit the number of times users can use them every day; Some faucets limit it to once an hour or even once a day. All payments will be directed to the litecoin wallet specified by the user.

In addition, users can increase the number of litepoints applied by litecoin (LTC) faucet by joining the membership / recommendation program. If they recommend faucets to friends, they can receive more Litepoints.

The number of litecoin issued by litecoin (LTC) faucet tends to vary according to the current trading price of the Wright coin. Because the quotation of litecoin (LTC) faucet is the amount that users can claim in LTC. If the price of LTC is doubled from $5 to $10, the faucet will pay $10 instead of the promised $5. However, this is only an example.


When it comes to the encryption agnostic definition of litecoin (LTC) faucet, we can say that it refers to an “incentive mechanism”, which usually rewards users with a small amount in the form of applications or websites after users complete all these simple tasks (such as playing games or verification codes). Although the number of coins produced by these litecoin (LTC) faucet is relatively small, there are some good aspects; For example, it allows new users to practice sending and receiving litepoints without putting too much risk. The risk of using any litecoin (LTC) faucet is very low, so it is very safe to use. If we want to earn litecoin (LTC) for free, litecoin (LTC) faucet is a good choice.

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