Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) – Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

Earnbitmoon club is a brand new faucet with a large number of loyal users. Although earnbitmoon club is a new faucet, it seems to be a promising emerging website. As a user, the earnbitmoon club is very straightforward, and we believe it will have a positive impact on the user experience.

In fact, the earnbitmoon club allows users to make claims frequently or infrequently according to their wishes. Earthbitmoon club is actually a four-in-one website for free access to bitcoin, including faucet, PTC, Ads, Shortlinks, Offerwalls!

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What is Earnbitmoon Club?

Earnbitmoon Club Review

Earnbitmoon club is a pay per click website. You need to register to view all available advertisements, which will win you bitcoin after you visit. Like trafficly, you don’t have to check whether advertisements are available on the home page all day, because you can easily earn bitcoin when watching youtube, because you can see available advertisements at any time. You can earn free $$$ every 5 minutes and get a 40% commission at the same time.

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How Does Earnbitmoon Club Work?

Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

Earnbitmoon club is a website or application that compensates users for a small amount of bitcoin by performing an activity or completing a task. You may be assigned a task, such as a quiz, watching an advertisement, or completing a verification code.

Once you complete the task, the earnbitmoon club will reward you with some satoshis. Bitcoin is paid in a smaller unit, called Satoshi, which is equivalent to 100% of millions of bitcoin. This may seem small, but due to the rising price of bitcoin, even a small amount of bitcoin is valuable in the long run.

In 2010, Galvin Anderson developed the first bitcoin faucet as a promotional strategy. The purpose is to encourage people to let others know about BTC. You may find this little thing surprising, but at that time, some bitcoin faucets paid up to five bitcoins per user! Most faucets make money through advertisements on websites.

The greater the traffic of the website, the higher the revenue of the website, which means the more revenue generated. Website owners do not pay in bitcoin, but in real gold and silver. Then, they will use this income to buy bitcoin to reward users.

How to Register in Earnbitmoon Club?

It’s simple to register and you just need to use a gmail email, hotmail, or outlook to receive the confirmation email!

Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now
Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

How to Earn on Earnbitmoon Club?

Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

The Earnbitmoon Club offers five different bonuses, as follows:

  • Daily Bonus
Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

This is the bonus given by the earnbitmoon club to users who receive bitcoin rewards for several consecutive days. Daily Bonus is growing with 1 coin each day you can cliam it( up to 30 Coins), as long as you’re active daily. Users who follow this process will receive an additional reward if they apply for bitcoin reward for several consecutive days.

  • Faucets
Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

You can claim FREE Coins every 5 minutes through Earnbitmoon Club Faucet.

  • View Ads
Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

Visit websites listed this page by clicking on Visit button, then wait for the countdown to be credited. You have to visit one website at the time, otherwise you won’t be credited. Those websites can be visited once a day, after you visit all of them, you can visit them again after midnight. An you can also promote your own website or affiliate URL!

  • Short Links
Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

Solve these shortlinks and earn Coins for every shortlink passed. You must solve one shortlink at the time, you can’t solve more than one shortlinks at once. You can visit each shortlink daily, your views reset every day at 00:00.

Is Earnbitmoon Club a Scam?

Earnbitmoon Club Review

The Earnbitmoon Club is not a scam. Earnbitmoon club is a legal cryptocurrency website, and initial deposit is not required to register the platform. With more than 10 million users, it is difficult to question the legitimacy of their operation. However, you must take into account that the income ceiling of the earnbitmoon club is quite low, not to mention that lottery based games have received a lot of negative complaints. In the end, you have to spend a lot of time and a lot of recommendations to really make a lot of money on the earnbitmoon club.

How Much Can I Earn FromEarnbitmoon Club?

Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

To be honest, you won’t make a lot of money from the earnbitmoon club. If you work for the highest paid faucet company, you can only earn $0.002 per faucet application. That means you can claim 20.04 times a day, which means you can earn up to x $0.002. Therefore, if you work in the top 10 bitcoin faucets, you can only earn $0.40 a day and $12 a month. If you want to increase your income, you can use the recommended program of the earnbitmoon club.

The earnbitmoon club website will give you a 40% commission as long as you recommend someone to visit their website. You can get a lifetime commission from your recommended claim.

Earnbitmoon Club Referral Program

Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

According to your level of activity and participation, once you sign up for an account and verify your account through email, you can actually upgrade your faucet and account functions. Earn a higher percentage of all referral income and increase your daily expenses when you want to do it many times a day. In addition, the earnbitmoon club has competitions, PTC activities and many other important features, making it a great leader in winning bitcoin and understanding the cryptocurrency world.

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How to Withdraw on Earnbitmoon Club?

Earnbitmoon Club Review (2023) - Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) Now

At present, cash is withdrawn from the website of the Earnbitmoon Club, and the website will pay directly to your Faucetpay, Direct Wallet, Payeer. Although the earnbitmoon club has no contact information, their terms and conditions stipulate that it may take a week to process the withdrawal after submission. All transaction costs are borne by them when processing withdrawal requests.


Earnbitmoon club is a promising new type of faucet. It has a very clean appearance and is very convenient to use. At present, it is not clear whether the earnbitmoon club will add any other cryptocurrency or other functions, but in the current state, we suggest to try. At that time, we will release updates and payment certificates, which is our commitment to you, because our goal is to promote legal payment cryptocurrency faucets and be transparent in case of problems on the website of the earnbitmoon club.


What is Two Factor Authentication?

With 2FA you can keep your account safe by adding an extra security step. If you enable 2FA, you will have to complete a PIN generated on your mobile device every time you log in on the website.

Can I Open Multiple Account in Earnbitmoon Club?

No, Multiple accounts will be all suspended.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Limit?

Minimum withdrawal amout for FaucetPay, Payeer is $0.20 and for direct withdrawal to your account it is $7.00.

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