Faucetspin Review (2023) – Can You Really Earn Free Crypto Online?


Faucetspin is a new website where you can earn bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. But in fact, Faucetspin is a scam. Although we were paid in the past, we have not been paid in the past few weeks.

What is Faucetspin?

Since February 12, 2021, Faucetspin is a faucet, as its name implies. You can earn bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Wright coin. The design is very good and easy to use. Many faucets tend to fill their websites with unnecessary things, which makes it difficult to navigate. The faucet keeps it clean and beautiful. Faucetspin is not full of ads either. Users can use it without being bothered by ads all the time.

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How Does Faucetspin Work?

Faucetspin is a website with four faucets, one for each coin. The timer between faucet claims is different between BTC and other coins, so you can claim BTC every 30 minutes and other coins (BCH, Eth and LTC) every 5 minutes. When you make a faucet claim, you must resolve 1 reCAPTCHA and 1 imagecaptcha.

How to Earn on Faucetspin?

There are two different ways to help you win your favorite cryptocurrency at Faucetspin. You can decide which cryptocurrency to apply for, and each coin has its own waiting time between applications. Bitcoin needs to wait for 30 minutes, while bitcoin cash, Ethereum and litecoin only need to wait for 5 minutes. Payment is really good, you don’t even need to solve it for short links. As long as you solve the verification code, you will immediately get your coin.

We don’t know why the waiting time of each cryptocurrency of Faucetspin is different. Maybe you need to wait longer to buy bitcoin because the payment is too high. You can get 5 satoshis per claim, which is more than twice that of other faucets such as grabtc or freebitco.

Another way to make money on Faucetspin is PTC advertising. Each cryptocurrency has its own ads, and you can decide which ads you want to see. The pay here is also very high, but unfortunately, there are few advertisements. Most of the time, we can only see five or fewer advertisements. Advertising is easy to do. The window doesn’t have to keep the focus. This means that you can watch a series of programs or do other things at the same time. The only annoying thing is that you have to solve 2 verification codes after each PTC advertisement.

Is Faucetspin a Scam?

Before, Faucetspin was legal, but at present, Faucetspin tends to be a scam because they no longer continue to pay users. It is common for the owner of the tap to remain anonymous, but this is not a good thing. We are still studying, but what we can find is that the domain name was registered in 2020 and located in the United States.

How Much Can I Earn from Faucetspin?

Faucetspin is a multi currency faucet in which you can declare four different cryptocurrencies. These are bitcoin, bitcoin cash, lightcoin and Ethereum. Any claim will remain in your balance. But we can’t get the coins out of the Faucetspin right now, and the latest news has been long gone. We believe that Faucetspin will not become a legal faucet again. Please stay away from it for a while. Still, we keep our old reviews online. Don’t register there any more.

Faucetspin Referral Program

The user can get a 20% Commission for each claim made in Faucetspin. Most faucets offer some motivations for referrals, and Faucetspin is no exception. You can get a 20% commission for every claim your recommender makes. He makes a lot of money. You can get it directly from the tap. 20% is not so much. Other faucets provide 50%, but in Faucetspin, 20% of the income is still more than 50% of other faucets.

How to Withdraw on Faucetspin?

You can click the “withdraw” button on the Faucetspin home page, and then select one of the four cryptocurrencies to withdraw. Please note that you need to reach the given minimum withdrawal amount first. After reaching the minimum withdrawal amount, you can withdraw any coin to faucetpay. You must create an account there before applying for withdrawal.

One disadvantage of Faucetspin is that the minimum withdrawal amount is very high. At present, bitcoin needs at least 10000 satoshis to remit funds to faucetpay. This is really high, especially because you spend your money on the tap. We haven’t received the payment yet, but we checked a lot of comments and people got the payment. For other coins, the minimum withdrawal amount is very similar, but you make much more money. This means that if you decide to claim all 4 coins, you can quickly send your funds to the faucet for payment, except bitcoin. The owners of bitcoin really should reduce the number of bitcoins.

  • Claim 5 Satoshi every 30 minutes (minimum withdrawal is 10000 Satoshi to FaucetPay)
  • Claim 35 BCH every 5 minutes (minimum withdrawal is 5000 Satoshi to FaucetPay)
  • Claim 15 eth every 5 minutes (minimum withdrawal is 5000 Satoshi to FaucetPay)
  • Claim 150 litoshi every 5 minutes (minimum withdrawal is 10000 litoshi to FaucetPay)

Users can withdraw funds from Faucetspin within 3 working days.


The final conclusion here is that Faucetspin is a scam platform and you should not invest in it. Instead, we need to find a trusted platform where the risks and benefits are clearly visible. When you invest in a scam platform, you should have clear instructions.

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