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Binance Coin (BNB) faucet is a website that provides visitors with a small amount of Free BNB every few minutes. Because these websites are basically free, they are very popular. But some BNB faucets are better than others; they either provide more binary information than competitors, or more frequently, or are more reliable. On this page, we list the 10 Free BNB faucet websites with the most active users. The data comes from

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Best 2022 Free Binance Coin (BNB) Faucets Quick View

  1. DutchyCorp Final Faucet – Best both auto faucet and manual faucet to get free BNB
  2. Vie Faucet – Claim free coins every 2 minutes, which can be transferred to BNB when withdrawing
  3. Claim Free BNB – Best BNB faucets directly payout to FaucetPay
  4. Coin Diversity – Best multicoin faucet to claim BNB every 15 minutes
  5. Xfaucets – Best multicoin faucet to claim BNB every 10 minutes with a high paying referral program
  6. Coinpot – Top crypto website to earn free BNB
  7. BtcAdv – Best multicoin faucet to claim BNB every 2 minutes with a low withdrawal requirement
  8. AutoFaucet – Best free crypto platform with auto faucet to earn BNB
  9. CoinPayz – Support 26 cryptocurrencies faucet including BNB
  10. Diamond Faucet – Earn free BNB by multiple ways including Faucet

DutchyCorp Final Faucet

Active Users: 13064

At the top of the dutchycorp final faucet dashboard screen, you can see your current level, the number of recommendations and the total revenue of binance faucet faucets you have been receiving. At the bottom of this section, you will see the “your progress” area, which highlights your current experience on the dutchycorp final faucet website, the experience points required for the next level, the claim bonus after reaching the next level, and your current binance coin faucet claim bonus percentage.

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Vie Faucet

Active Users: 11690

In the dashboard page of Vie Faucet, it will show your current balance and energy, which can be used for automatic faucet claims. Then, at the bottom of the vie faucet dashboard, there will be a section for withdrawal in alphabetical order of cryptocurrency names. Here, you can easily find binance coin and complete the claim.

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Claim Free BNB

Active Users: 11399

Claim Free BNB is the way to earn free binance coin. Just go to the claim free BNB faucet page, complete the verification code challenge, and then click “claim reward”. Your claim is priced by the faucet. You can select the coin to withdraw on the withdrawal page to find the exchange rate.

Coin Diversity

Active Users: 11307

After you complete the registration of coin diversity, you can start to obtain the binance coin on the faucet through various available claim methods. First, you can pay a faucet fee every 15 minutes and claim up to 25 times a day. Your claim is priced by the faucet. You can select the coin to withdraw on the withdrawal page to find the exchange rate.


Active Users: 10582

Xfaucets allows you to ask for faucets and a bumpy experience all day. You can claim binance coin on the xfaucets bnb faucet page. Xfaucets needs captcha verification. Sometimes, verification code challenges are required before and after making xfaucets claims.


Active Users: 7294

Coinpot binance coin faucet allows you to claim a certain amount of binance coin every once in a while. Coinpot has a maximum number of claims based on how much energy you save. The foundation of energy is the completion of faucet claimt, short link, PTC and achievement.


Active Users: 7158

BtcAdv, launched later in 2020, is one of the best binance coin faucets we have encountered, paying directly to faucetpay and icoinpay for all the coins supported on these micro wallet platforms. Multiple micro wallet options, passwords and a low minimum withdrawal threshold allow you to quickly get a free password, even if it’s just an ordinary faucet claim.

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Active Users: 6656

All binance coin cliam are in faucet. “You don’t have to worry about the fluctuation of faucet price”. AutoFaucet. Org is friendly to mobile devices, tablets and desktops, so you can claim on all devices.


Active Users: 6210

Coinpayz binance faucet is one of the best ways to get free cryptocurrency and binance faucet. Coinpayz is not an ordinary faucet. It also includes a series of other tasks that can help you get binance coin for free.

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Diamond Faucet

Active Users: 5911

You can earn free binance coin by completing the faucet task and watching advertisements in diamond faucet, but the diamond faucet does not pay encryption fees for dice, lottery tickets and games. Once you register with diamond faucet, you can start claiming, filling in, short links and PTC advertising.

What is Binance Coin (BNB)?

BNB is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and co which was created in the year 2017. It’s a binance native token that was created by the CEO of binance exchange CZ. It has a maximum supply of 200Million only and it is used for discount trading fees, listing fees on binance exchanges (one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world).

It’s also used mostly as a fee within the ecosystem of binance Smart chain blockchain(a blockchain that allows any developer to create their token and decentralized exchange.

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What is BNB Faucet

A Binance Coin (BNB) Faucet is an online reward site that is designed to award users free Binance Coin for completing tasks like solving captcha, which helps raise people’s awareness of holding Binance Coin.

Binance Coin (BNB) Faucets are suitable for people Anyone who wants to earn some Binance Coin but does not want to take a risk of investing much money in buying or mining.

For many users in developing countries or who are unemployed, a Binance Coin faucet website can also reward a substantial income by completing simple tasks online.

How to Choose a Good BNB Faucet

There are many free Binance Coin faucets to choose from, which can confuse you a lot, especially if you don’t know which boxes to check. So, here we go.

  • Payout: How much BNB can you earn, and how often can you claim that amount? The general rule of thumb is that complicated tasks take longer to refresh but pay more.
  • Timer: How long do you need to wait between claims? The shorter the time, the more you make. However, some sites may have a shorter refresh time and smaller payouts. You have to look for something that strikes a desirable balance between the two.
  • Minimum withdrawal: how often do you want to withdraw? A high minimum withdrawal limit means you may have to wait longer before you have enough to cash out.
  • Withdrawal method: Are payments done directly, or through a micropayment wallet?
  • Referral Bonus: What’s the bonus you get for referring new users to the faucet? Some websites actually offer good bonuses, so be sure to consider this when choosing a faucet.

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