Faucetcrypto Review (2023) – Legit or Scam Way to Earn Bitcoin?


Faucetcrypto is a faucet where you can make money, claim from the Bitcoin faucet, complete the offer wall, and watch the PTC advertisement. Faucetcrypto will reward you with free coins, which you can exchange and convert into your favorite cryptocurrency.

Faucetcrypto Pros and Cons


  • Very well designed and functional websites are updated regularly
  • Easily make money through faucets, short links, PTC advertising and offerwalls
  • The (unlimited) level system provides an additional and ongoing bonus for all claims
  • Instantly extract multiple encrypted coins. BTC supports faucet payment. The minimum withdrawal amount is low
  • Referral commission 25%


  • The timer of the faucet is very long
  • It will take them a long time to refill the coins

How to Earn Free Bitcoin in Faucetcrypto?

Applying for a faucet is not the only way to earn coins on the website! You can also earn coins by completing short links, discounts and watching PTC advertisements.

The main and simplest way to make money is to claim the faucet. You can receive a reward every 40 minutes. Users can also receive a daily access reward of 29 coins per day. In addition, once users reach a specific level, they can get huge rewards from the achievement part.

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The main way to earn Bitcoin from Faucetcrypto is, of course, to claim from their faucets. You need to wait 25 minutes between each claim, but you can use items such as a time booster (if you find it) to shorten the waiting time. When the time is up, answer the Faucetcrypto verification code and wait 10 seconds to receive the free coin. However, if the system has verified that you are human, you can skip the verification code. Usually, this process is possible after you file a claim many times.

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Bitpaye is a crypto revenue and advertising platform. Members can earn free bitcoin by completing various tasks (including faucet, PTC, short link, etc.)

You can also earn some coins by clicking and viewing the ads under the PTC ads section. After clicking the advertisement, wait 10 seconds. After the Faucetcrypto timer starts, click the Continue button and you will be redirected to the advertising website. According to the clicked advertisement, wait 16 or 40 seconds to be eligible for application. However, the window must always be in focus. Clicking on PTC ads is limited and will be refreshed every day. You can also choose to click the short link to earn some coins. Similar to the faucet, after waiting 15 seconds, you will be redirected to a short link to claim your coin.

Offer Wall and Survey

Is this different from GPT website? Yes, it’s the same to make money by completing surveys and working online. But the revenue is far lower than the real blue GPT website. However, before entering this section, you need to reach level 20, but it’s very easy to reach this level. You may be interested to learn about the top GPT websites we test and prove legal and pay their members.


In addition to faucet and PTC, Faucetcrypto also has a very good function called “challenge”. This is an extra benefit. You can do daily activities and get small gifts on the website. Gifts depend on the type and level of complete activity. There are three types, namely:

  1. Permanent challenges – these Faucetcrypto challenges can only be completed once and cannot be rotated.
  2. Rotation challenges – these Faucetcrypto challenges appear randomly and have a time limit until they are claimed.
  3. Special challenges – these Faucetcrypto challenges do not belong to the above categories or challenges from special events.

Faucetcrypto is a legitimate PTC and Bitcoin faucet website that will reward you for watching advertisements and completing short-term tasks. Faucetcrypto has its advantages, but it also has some disadvantages to pay attention to.

Can you Get Faucetcrypto Support?

If you have any questions about Faucetcrypto or your account, you can check their FAQ page first. Faucetcrypto discusses most of the basic topics you need to know about the website. If you can’t find the answer you want, you can contact their support team by email.

You can send an email to [email protected]. But remember that your email must follow the guidelines provided on its support center page. To access the support center for Faucetcrypto, simply click the support center option on the left side of the dashboard. In general, what I want to say is that Faucetcrypto provides a good support system for their members because they ensure that you can easily contact their support team.

Can You Use Faucetcrypto on Your Mobile Phone?

Faucetcrypto doesn’t have a mobile app to download, but you can still access its website from a mobile device. The mobile version of Faucetcrypto is optimized for mobile applications, so you won’t have difficulty using it on mobile devices. This is a good thing because there are some paid quotes in Faucetcrypto’s quotes that require mobile devices. So if you want to get the most out of this site, you have to end up using it on your mobile device.

But as for watching advertisements, I suggest you do this on your laptop or desktop, because it will be troublesome to constantly switch browser tags on your mobile device.

How to Withdraw from Faucetcrypto?

Faucetcrypto provides instant withdrawals. You can extract it in Faucetcrypto every day. The daily withdrawal limit of Faucetcrypto is 2340.00 coins per day. Faucet encryption supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. You can choose your favorite cryptocurrency for withdrawal.

You need at least 500 coins to withdraw money from Faucetcrypto. The transaction fee for each withdrawal is 50 coins. Depending on the cryptocurrency you choose to withdraw, you will get two options: withdraw directly to your wallet or withdraw to a micro wallet such as faucet payment.

You also want to make sure you don’t return your wallet or untrusted wallet, because you may lose your satoshis.

Faucetcrypto Promotion

You can upgrade your level to unlock chat (level 8 required), and you can unlock the voting tab (level 50 required). How to get Faucetcryptoxp? You will get 10 XP routine tasks and 3 XP recommended tasks. Unlock achievements by completing short links or reaching a specific level. You will receive a coin reward.

Faucetcrypto Level

Everything you do on the Faucetcrypto website will gain experience for you. With your XP, you will upgrade and get a more significant improvement. Every time you upgrade, you will get an incredible 125% bonus!

Faucetcrypto Referral Program:

You will receive a 20% commission by inviting friends and paying coins directly to your Faucetcrypto account.

How Much Money Can You Make on Faucetcrypto?

Like most PTC websites, Faucetcrypto has less profit potential. Faucetcrypto’s pay is low. I want to say that the reward method of Faucetcrypto is actually very smart. You see, your account level will not only affect how much money you can withdraw every day, but also help you increase your income.

Each time you reach a level, you will receive a reward multiplier of 0.125%. For example, if you reach level 12, your bonus multiplier will now be 1.5%. It’s not a significant increase at first, but it’s a good way to keep you motivated. When you reach level 300 or above, you will begin to feel the increase of Faucetcrypto reward.

Faucetcrypto Conclusion

Faucetcrypto has a very good design, many ways to make money, and many coins can be used. The uniqueness of Faucetcrypto makes it a promising website and has won a lot of attention. Faucetcrypto currently has more than 150000 members and has paid more than 500000 payments.

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