AutoFaucet is a cryptocurrency faucet that rewards users for playing games. The payment is made through a cryptocurrency wallet, and autofaucet withdrawal is said to be able to complete it in one day.

What is AutoFaucet?

Since 2018, autofaucet is one of the most trusted faucet websites in the world, providing free services. The website currently has more than 250000 registered users and more than 90000000 faucet users. With autofaucet, you can earn cryptocurrency by using automatic and manual faucets with different functions, conducting surveys, watching videos, visiting some websites, completing various other types of tasks, mining encryption, etc. Every action you take on autofaucet will help you earn points so that you can increase your income by upgrading. Autofaucet offers 26 cryptocurrencies. You can convert your earned coins into any currency. Trading instructions are executed immediately.

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How Does Work?

Autofaucet has received a variety of feedback over the years. The owner of the faucet/mining platform is unknown. On the bright side, they don’t ask others for money. However, you may not make a lot of money from them. As for autofaucet mining, it’s important to remember that it takes a lot of time to earn $1, and the speed you reach depends on your equipment. The game is very good. They do have the function of automatically claiming tokens, but they are nothing special in themselves. As long as you don’t pay any fees or download anything from them, please feel free to try. If they start asking for personal information or forcing you to complete tasks, it’s best to move on and avoid them. Remember, nothing on the Internet is worth risking your data. That’s the bottom line.

How to Earn on

You can start earning encryption in autofaucet in different ways. You can claim to use faucets, complete short links and offerwalls. If you like mining, you can even use computer resources to mine on the website.

You can earn on this website: bitcoin, Ethereum, monero, litecoin, dogecoin, bitcoin cash, zcash, digibyte, bitcore, blackcoin, dash, peercoin, primecoin, potcoin, Tron, Hora token and ripple.

Before starting autofaucet, you need faucet token, which is a website currency and cannot withdraw money. You can only use this token to start the automatic faucet. It’s easy to get faucet tokens. You need to navigate to “free token”, where you can complete the short link in a minute or two, and you will be rewarded with 60 FCT and 50 level points. As I told you before, you can also use mine to get FCT. You can use their browser miner or GUI miner. In addition, autofaucet also plans to publish some quotes and daily bonuses that you can use to improve your FCT.

How to Earn on AutoFaucet?

Autofaucet is a very popular and legal encryption faucet. The website has existed since 2018, but it seems to have been updated with some latest updates and looks more modern. Autofaucet is one of the most exquisite and legal encryption faucets we have seen in a period of time.

How to Earn on AutoFaucet?

You can earn a reasonable income with automatic faucets. As long as you take this platform seriously. To earn a reasonable amount, you must participate in all the offers offered to you to get more faucet tokens. Don’t forget that you’ll earn more than your salary on autofaucet. Autofaucet recommendation program is also a good choice. You can use their recommendation program to get some recommendations and increase your income. You will receive 20% of your referral income.

AutoFaucet Referral Program

Are you ready to withdraw funds? You can withdraw autofaucet’s funds into 2 micro wallets (faucetpay and expresscrypto). This only applies to supported coins! Some coins currently have no withdrawal method.


According to our experience, autofaucet is legal. Autofacet / final autoclaim is one of the easiest to assemble encryption faucets. Whether it is the available cryptocurrency or the number of users’ profit options, it is very common. You can claim up to 26 coins on autofaucet, and we believe we will put this website on our list of the best faucets in the future.

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