Hitbits.io Review (2023) – Is Hitbits.io Safe/Legit or Scam?


Hitbits provides some funding for simple tasks and pays in electronic currency. Welcome individuals from all over the world to join Hitbits. Possible Hitbits comments can be found in the comments section below. If you know more about Hitbits, please comment on the Hitbits review. Invite Hitbits owners to enter details and we will publish Hitbits.io summary is free.

What is Hitbits.io?

Due to its simple navigation and familiar design, Hitbits is an easy-to-use platform. Hitbits.io from a design point of view, it will not hinder practicality. Hitbits.io exchange puts all your trading information in one pane, which may be good for institutional investors, but it may be overwhelming for most beginners. You can join and attack any raid within your level. Your RAID level ranges from [your level] -70 to [your level]+70. You can join a ranged raid, but you can’t attack them.

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How Does Hitbits.io Work?

At each Hitbits level, you will get 8 points, so you can distribute them among your statistics. You can earn extra points by using knowledge books, which can be purchased from the market or obtained as RAID drop. Your character automatically restores 2 energy and 5 life every 2 minutes. You can use potions to restore energy or life.

How to Earn on Hitbits.io?

Before I answer this question, we need to know what you can do with the different types of currencies on the Hitbits website.

Multiple Ways to Make Money:

Earn more from faucets, offer walls, challenges, achievements, raids, bonuses, etc. Generate additional income, increase the damage of mercenaries to your character, hire them to generate additional tokens per hour in different time periods, and increase your damage to attacks; As you can see here, you have gold, tokens, and credit cards, and food. Gold is the currency used in the market to buy medicine, etc. Tokens are the most used tokens on Hitbits. You need tokens to buy mercenaries. According to the mercenaries you buy, tokens can provide you with points within 30-90 days. Of course, you need your mercenaries alive! So you need food to keep them alive.

If you want to withdraw money, you need a credit card. There is also a converter on the Hitbits website where you can convert currencies.

Getting Hitbits credits is not difficult! You can get credit in two ways. The first method is to convert tokens into credits. One token can earn 5 credits.

The second method is to buy mercenaries. You can get your points every hour.

Is Hitbits.io a Scam?

Hitbits is not a scam platform. Hitbits is a RPG-themed money-making website, where you can fight against your boss, improve your ability and increase your reward.

How Much Can I Earn from Hitbits.io?

This is an important issue because you can’t do much without tokens. It’s not hard to get! The simplest way is to claim the faucet every 15 minutes. Each claim can earn about 5-15 tokens.

Another way is to complete the short link provided by Hitbits, which will give you a stack of tokens.

There are three currencies on the Hitbits website:

  • Points (1000 points =0.05 USD, which can be withdrawn by BTC and Doge). Can be used to buy goods in the market; Credits can be obtained in this way:
  1. You can participate in the raid; You will receive an amount proportionate to the loss you caused;
  2. Mercenaries can be purchased; Each mercenary gives you 3 points per hour but consumes 2 food per hour. Mercenaries can be purchased for 30, 60, 90, or 120 days);
  3. You can exchange tokens for credit cards at the currency exchange.
  • Token (1 token can be exchanged for 5 credits in the market, which can be used to buy goods in the market). Tokens can be obtained by using faucets, short links, and offer walls.
  • Gold (used to buy certain items in the market, such as health parts). When you attack a surprise monster, gold coins will be dropped randomly, and you can also get them through currency exchange.

Hitbits.io Referral Program

Hitbits has a recommendation plan, which allows you to get 25% of the faucet claim, 5-10% of the quotation income, and 5% of the chance to get the project reduction.

  • 25% from each reference claim;
  • Get 5%-10% return from each offer wall survey;
  • You have a 5% chance to drop items.

How to Withdraw on Hitbits.io?

When you reach 25000 credits, you can withdraw your income. (5000 tokens) there are 3 different types of withdrawals. You can withdraw money directly from your bitcoin wallet or express crypto and soon dogecoin! Hitbits usually pay every weekend, but in some cases, it may take 2 weeks.


Hitbits is a legitimate RPG website, where you can create a small passive income and increase your income. We also use Hitbits to earn a small amount of passive income. If you want to get free cryptocurrency through interesting games, you might as well try the Hitbits platform!

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