Bucksify Review (2023) – A Premium Crypto Earning Platform


In terms of making money online, paid surveys and PTC websites have a long history. These websites pay members for simple tasks such as completing surveys, playing games, and watching videos. In the past, the preferred payment method may have been PayPal, but with the development of cryptocurrency, the situation may have changed.

Nowadays, people don’t mind paying with encryption technology, and one of the GPT websites that do so is Bucksify. But before you click the add Bucksify button, you’d better check out our Bucksify comments. We have revealed all the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

What is Bucksify?

Bucksify is a high-quality crypto website that has been in operation since 2020. By completing online work, such as completing surveys, downloading and installing applications, registering websites, taking quizzes, watching videos, etc, you can get unlimited free cryptocurrencies through Bucksify. Bucksify has many features and rewards. For example, you can upgrade your website and upgrade your revenue. You can also get daily gifts and loyalty rewards on Bucksify. These rewards will increase with the level. There are still many places to explore on Bucksify.

How Does Bucksify Work?

Bucksify is a reward website where you can earn Bucksify tokens (BXT), which can be converted into popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum and dogecoin. In order to obtain these benefits, you need to answer the survey provided by the third-party company. These survey opportunities will appear in the quotation column, which will show the amount you will be able to earn if you meet the conditions. Our first step in using Bucksify to earn cryptocurrency is to register on the website. You can earn 5 to 10 BXT per Bucksify survey. In addition, you can withdraw BXT to gift cards, cash, or cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The amount you withdraw will vary depending on the currency you choose to use.

Bucksify’s registration is free, and you can earn up to $0.50 just by registering. Once you reach a certain level, you can unlock additional perks. In addition, if you are in the top 10 in the ranking list, you can earn up to 10% commission from the income of the recommender and receive daily rewards.

How to Earn on Bucksify?

Paid Surveys and Offerwalls

Participating in offer walls and surveys is the best way to earn crypto coins at Bucksify. It requires you to comment, download and install applications on mobile devices, register on websites, etc. Bucksify works with many offer wall providers, so you can access unlimited tasks. Bucksify works with many offerwall providers, so you can access unlimited tasks.

Claim Hourly Gift (Faucet)

Bucksify can also be used as an encrypted faucet so that you can receive gifts every hour. First, you need to answer the verification code. It will then reward you with BXT, their internal currency. When the minimum payment threshold is reached, you can convert it to cryptocurrency. Therefore, if the waiting time of 1 hour is too long for you, why not try the faucet encryption? The faucet of Bucksify only takes 30 minutes to apply.

Is Bucksify a Scam?

We don’t have any evidence that Bucksify is illegal, but as always, you should always be cautious when testing new websites. From what we have seen, the profit potential is very limited through the offer wall survey. We suggest you look at the websites with high ratings.

How Much Can I Earn from Bucksify?

The currency of Bucksify is called the Bucksify token (BXT), and they pay you BXT for the tasks they complete. However, it must be understood that BXT is not a blockchain currency, so you cannot use it outside the site. After we have accumulated enough BXT, you can withdraw it as a gift card or a real cryptocurrency. Supported cryptocurrencies include bitcoin, LTC, Doge, DGB, ETH, TRX, Zec and dash.

As another option, users can take out BXT as a gift card commonly used by local merchants. They include grab, zalora, giant, dairy fram, master card, etc. However, merchants vary from country to country. Bucksify’s cryptocurrency and gift card have a minimum payment threshold of $5.

Bucksify Referral Program

Bucksify has a referral program where you can recommend your friends and family to join. Once they join your unique recommendation link and complete tasks such as providing walls, videos, surveys, hour gifts and other work, you will get 10% of their BXT income. Bucksify pays 10% of your referral income. It’s not much, but the price is usually very high. In this way, if you introduce some people to Bucksify, 10% can bring you a lot of commission. Your friends make no less money. Buckschiffer pays you a commission directly as a bonus.

How to Withdraw on Bucksify?

If you want to withdraw BXT, you can purchase a gift card or select the cryptocurrency of your choice. The amount you need to withdraw depends on the currency you choose, starting from $5. This is really too much. It may take some time to earn enough money to quit. You can withdraw BXT into cryptocurrencies such as gift cards, cash or bitcoin. The amount you withdraw will vary depending on the currency you choose to use.


Bucksify can be very, very good. It can even be in the same stage as Contiply or Faucetpay. Bucksify looks absolutely gorgeous, has a good effect and is easy to use. Sadly, it doesn’t offer much. Paying attention to offer walls may be good for those who really like offer walls, but for others, it’s not worth your time. We really hope that Bucksify can do more for us and make it really great.

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