CoinPayz Review (2022) – Legit or Scam Crypto Faucet for Free?

CoinPayz review

CoinPayz is a simple website you can earn free cryptos with easy tasks. They have Faucets, Offerwalls, Sponsor Links, Affiliate income, Weekly Contests(Leaderboards) and Achievements. They only support right now. But are working on Coinbase and Payeer. Also, ExpressCrypto deposits will be added immediately when they release their deposit system.

What Is CoinPayz?


CoinPayz is a great site with two Crypto faucets. One is a 10-minute manual faucet with 20 refills that pays .0006006 USD. The other is a 30 second fast faucet with 60 refills that pays .00025025 USD. Both of the faucets also give you experience which is used to level up on CoinPayz. Leveling up gives you bonuses, and they have a daily login bonus as well.

Aside from CoinPayz faucets they also offer walls, PTC ads, games such as dice, coin flip, and lottery, as well as achievements and leaderboards.

The fast faucet and regular faucet are very fast paced, which is a good change from some longer wait faucets. I personally like the CoinPayz site, and the design is well put together as well.

CoinPayz offer a variety of crypto withdrawals to various types of wallets. The wallets they offer withdraws to are: FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto, Payeer, Binance,, and direct wallet for some coins. Depending on which one you choose, there are different minimums and fees. I decided to go with ExpressCrypto, since I have other faucets connected to my ExpressCrypto wallet as well.

The coins CoinPayz offer for ExpressCrypto are: Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Reddcoin, Bittorrent, Monero, and Stratis.

Each time you withdraw from CoinPayz you can choose a different wallet and coin, and the direct wallet offers more choices for crypto, but the minimum withdrawal is two dollars.

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Ways to Earn on CoinPayz

CoinPayz review

Now that your CoinPayz account is registered its time to start earning free crypto on CoinPayz through each of the various claiming methods available. To start, CoinPayz main faucet claiming section will payout a USD amount every 10 minutes for a maximum of 20 claims in one day. The claims you make are denominated in USD and the exchange rates can be found on the withdrawal page.

CoinPayz Review – Faucet (Normal)

10 minutes – CoinPayz allows you to make claims throughout the day for USD and an experience bump. Just go to the Faucet page, complete a Captcha challenge, and then click “Claim Reward”. Making the maximum 20 claims from the faucet in one day will allow you to claim an achievement on the Achievement’s page and we’ll go into more detail on those earnings later.

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CoinPayz Review – Faucet (Quick)

30 seconds – Fast faucet claiming allows you to make a claim every 30 seconds for a smaller USD amount than the normal faucet along with earning one experience point per claim. The CoinPayz Fast Faucet has a maximum of 60 claims per day and after hitting 25 claims in one day you’ll be eligible for an Achievement claim. Then if you hit 50 fast faucet claims in one day you can claim another achievement. 

CoinPayz Review – Offerwalls

The Offerwalls on CoinPayz are one of the easiest ways to rack up free money fast. There are currently 12 vendors available for Offerwalls on CoinPayz. Similar to the faucet achievements above after completing Offerwalls you will be eligible for additional payouts through achievement claims especially with their preferred vendors. 

CoinPayz review

CoinPayz Sponsor Links also known as PTC Ads will vary throughout the day on how many there will be available. When viewing these ads you will see offers mostly related to other crypto related websites that you may find interesting. PTC ads currently offer a USD earning bonus, 1 experience point and typically last 7 seconds. After completing 5 sponsor links in one day be sure to claim your CoinPayz achievement. 

CoinPayz Review – Dice

Like most other crypto faucet sites there is a dice game on CoinPayz where you can bet the over/under of a dice roll and wager your money on the outcome. Your chances are 49.5% so the house does have a slight advantage in this game.

CoinPayz review

CoinPayz Review – Lottery

As with all lotteries, you buy a set amount of lottery tickets with your funds and enter a drawing to win the CoinPayz prize pools.

CoinPayz Review – Achievements

The CoinPayz achievements section as mentioned throughout this post offers a great way to earn bonus funds for doing claims you normally do. There are achievement bonuses for normal and fast faucet claims, completing PTC Ads/Sponsor Links, and completing offerwalls.

CoinPayz Support Coins

CoinPayz review

How to Withdraw from CoinPayz?

If you’re doing 20 of the CoinPayz normal faucet claims per day you should be able to hit the minimum withdrawal threshold of $0.01 USD every day or even less than a day as your CoinPayz experience level grows over time. If you include achievement bonus and other claiming methods you may even be able to withdraw multiple times a day if you choose too. With CoinPayz you’ll have the option to withdraw to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Feyorra, Bitcoin Cash, Tron, Dash, Digibyte, or Tether to FaucetPay. For withdrawals to ExpressCrypto you’ll be able to withdraw Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero or Reddcoin. And lastly, for Payeer withdraws you can take out USD only. When withdrawing from CoinPayz make sure your microwallet and crypto is highlighted so you know you’re withdrawing to correct the coin and address as shown below.

CoinPayz review

How Long Does it Take to Get My Money To My Wallet?

Faucetpay, ExpressCrypto and Payeer payments are usually instant. However if the system detects unusual activity from your account your payment will be held for inspection.

Since other methods processed manually payments requests for those methods will be sent to pending as well. CoinPayz pending payments are processed in maximum 24 hours.

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