How to Earn Free Cryptos on BtcAdv | Step-by-Step Guide

BtcAdv is a free-earning crypto platform. You can get BtcAdv tokens by doing multiple tasks such as filling out Surveys, Offer Walls, watching videos, Faucet, short links, and much more! Additional features like achievements, lottery, and a referral system await! And then you can use the BtcAdv tokens to transfer the other cryptocurrencies you like! Besides, you can get instant payment to FaucetPay or iCoinPay.

How to Sign Up on BtcAdv?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click “Get it Now”

Step 3: Type the following information

Step 4: Click I’m not a robot and Read Terms Rules First

Step 5: Go to Dashboard

How to Earn from BtcAdv?

What we should pay attention to is that we can only get BtcAdv tokens after finishing the website tasks, including faucet, PTC Ads, Short Links, Lottery, Offer Wall, and Referral earnings. And we can withdraw or transfer the BtcAdv tokens to other cryptocurrencies.

About BtcAdv Achievements

BtcAdv achievements can record what you have finished on BtcAdv every day. And the progress will refresh at 00:00 UTC daily.


You can claim 50,000 BtcAdv tokens every 2 minutes and there are no limit times to claim! Besides, you can earn 30% affiliate commission from your invited earners.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Faucet

Step 2: Click I’m not a robot and Claim

Step 3: Claim 50,000 tokens successfully


There are two ads at present, and we can look forward to more campaigns in the future, including different kinds of surf ads.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – PTC Ads

Step 2: Click “Go To” and go through 10 seconds.

Important Note: Once you finish one of the surf ads tasks, this website will disappear, and you can check your tokens on “History”.

Short Links

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Short Links

Step 2: Click the “GO” button

Step 3: Go through the website to get tokens


The lottery works on a really simple principle. Cost 100,000 Tokens to buy a Ticket.
At the end of the round, one random Ticket is selected as the winning ticket to get the 80% of all the expected prizes.
If you have more tickets, you have more chances to win the lottery.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Lottery

Step 2: Buy 1 Ticket with 100,000 Tokens

Step 3: Wait for the random choice, you may the next winner!

Offer Wall

You can get tokens by finishing Offer Wall tasks, and at present, BtcAdv is only connected to the CRX Research platform. And the satoshi we get from Offer Wall will be turned into tokens automatically, we can find that 1 Token = 0.00000012 Satoshis BTC / 1 Satoshi BTC = 8451396 Tokens

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Offer Wall

Step 2: Click CRX Research

Step 3: Finish the research to get tokens

Important note: What we have received from Short Link, Offer Wall are all BtcAdv tokens. For example, if we finish the 2400 satoshi survey, we can get 200,000,000,000 Tokens.

How to Advertise on BtcAdv?

There are two kinds of ways for BtcAdv customers to finish the advertisement payment. Firstly, you can directly deposit on BtcAdv. Secondly, you can transfer your BtcAdv balance to finish the payment.

Important Note: Depositing and Transferring are all directed at the flow of funds on the advertising interface for PTC Ads.

How to Create a Campaign?

If you want to advertise your own campaign on BtcAdv, you can try the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Advertise

Step 2: Click Create a Campaign

Step 3: Fill out the form

Step 4: Preview and Create your campaign. (360,000 tokens for previewing and 720,000 tokens for creating.)

How to Deposit on BtcAdv?

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Deposit

Step 2: Click Deposit

Step 3: Type the mini deposit (Mini Deposit 10000 satoshi BTC)

Step 4: Choose BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH to deposit

Step 5: Finish the payment within 2 hours

How to Transfer on BtcAdv?

Step 1: Go to BtcAdv – Transfer

Step 2: Type the amount to exchange

What is BtcAdv Affiliate Program?

You earn an affiliate up to 30% commission from your invited users when they earn from clicking advertisements, doing offers and doing other tasks.

How to Check My BtcAdv Balance?

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – History

Step 2: Find your Faucet, short links and PTC balance here.

How to Withdraw on BtcAdv?

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Withdraw

Step 2: Select Coin Your Want

Step 3: Choose FaucetPay Wallet or iCoinPay User-ID to withdraw

Step 4: Click I’m not a robot and Withdraw