LifePoints Review 2023 – Is Lifepoints Legit or Scam

LifePoints Review 2023 - Is Lifepoints Legit or Scam

LifePoints can provide survey opportunities where you can exchange a few minutes of your time for a predetermined number of points that can be exchanged for benefits like gift cards or charitable contributions.

A reliable website called LifePoints lets you take surveys and, depending on how many of them you finish, earn gift cards or donate money.

In order to determine whether LifePoints is legitimate and whether you can actually use it to make extra money, we tested the well-known survey site.

What is Life Points?

LifePoints Review 2023 - Is Lifepoints Legit or Scam

LifePoints, which is also known as “LifePoints Panel,” promises to be “the place to be for those who want to be heard.” You are given a specific number of points in exchange for responding to survey questions about your purchasing habits.

The free gift cards from several well-known retailers can then be obtained by exchanging these points. Additionally, you can donate your points to a variety of good causes.

Many people use LifePoints, a reputable paid survey website, to earn extra cash online. Although it’s free and simple to sign up, we found that there were few surveys available and a high disqualification rate. As a result, how much you can make on the site largely depends on how your demographic information and shopping preferences align with those of the brands and suppliers LifePoints partners with.

it’s free to sign up and there’s no requirement to spend any kind of money in order to use the site. But the seemingly limitless earning potential does have a cap, and it does so rather quickly.

You will see a list of surveys on your dashboard after you sign up and complete your profile. Sadly, a lot of these surveys quickly fill up to their maximum participant capacity.

So rather than having the chance to earn 50, 75 or even upwards of 150 points (each point is worth about 1 cent, depending on how you choose to redeem them), you end up with a “thank you” message letting you know that the survey has “filled up.”

Even though you might get a few bonus points as payment, it’s not nearly as much as you anticipated.

Additionally, those surveys in those handfuls quickly vanish, leaving you in suspense until the surveys for the following day are posted.

In conclusion, LifePoints is a website that is best used for leisure activities and has very little potential for generating additional income.

Is LifePoints Legitimate?

In fact, LifePoints is a legitimate provider of online surveys. National Family Opinion, which later evolved into MySurvey, was founded in 1946, marking the beginning of its history.

More than five million people are members of LifePoints, which today operates in 70 different nations. The business specializes in gathering feedback from customers through surveys among its members.

In case you’re concerned about being hacked, LifePoints is not a scam, and you’re not required to share any financial information. To begin taking surveys, you must share some personal information, such as your household’s income and marital status.

How to Sign Up in LifePoints?

LifePoints Review 2023 - Is Lifepoints Legit or Scam

It takes roughly 15 minutes to register for LifePoints. The registration process is broken down into four steps, starting with a page where you must enter your name, email address, and password.

The following fields are your gender, birthdate, and mailing address.

The company’s privacy policy, membership terms and conditions, rewards program terms, and your consent to be contacted about offers and promotions by both LightSpeed (the market research company that owns and runs the site) and LifePoints will also be presented to you.

The final question is basically just accepting the fact that you will be added to their email list, and each task box includes a hyperlink to the associated terms you are agreeing to.

Following the completion of those agreements, you’ll be asked to check your email. You should be prompted with additional questions about your purchases made within a specific time period after confirming your email and returning to the LifePoints website.

Along with these questions, you might be questioned about the size of your household, the number of kids you have, your race, and your yearly income. Along with the 10 points you already receive for signing up, answering these questions completes your profile and awards you with 10 points.

You’ll be taken to the dashboard after finishing your profile. You can select a survey from the ones that are offered here.

You can also click on the “Rewards” tab in the top right corner to peruse rewards options; the “Community” tab to see what polls, giveaways and promotions there are to participate in; the “Help Center” icon for answers to FAQs; and “Account” to update your personal details or cancel your account.

How to Earn from Lifepoints?

LifePoints Review 2023 - Is Lifepoints Legit or Scam

By answering surveys and taking part in contests and promotions, you can earn money with LifePoints.

Many times, third-party websites that host surveys will use different question formats. Each survey includes a points value and an estimated time it will take to complete.

Navigating to the “Rewards” tab will allow you to access a log of your points earning history. Popups, denoted as “Quick Polls” on this rewards list, sometimes appear when you first sign in. These surveys only ask one question, but they don’t always appear after you log in.

You might be prompted to consent to the disclosure of details about the advertisements that specific online advertisers have exposed you to. You can change these settings at any time under your “My Account” tab on the upper right-hand corner.

The estimated time it takes to complete a survey has no bearing on how much credit it receives. For instance, when using the site for this review, we discovered a 20-minute survey with a reward of 400 points and a 25-minute survey with a payout of only 150 points. The fact that longer surveys typically award more points remains true, though.

The “Community” tab is potentially another source for earning points, but the results are similarly non-guaranteed.

The contests, polls, and other activities you’ll find here are really just ways for LifePoints to get your opinion, albeit on various platforms and without any guarantees of prizes. In other words, you are still responding to a prompt, but sometimes you won’t receive credit for your work.

Of course, it doesn’t take much work to participate in a LifePoints survey. It is made simpler by a quick internet connection, and scrolling through prompts is made easier by a larger computer screen.

There is little to no preparation necessary, provided you are being sincere in your responses. It simply depends on the products you’ve bought and how you feel about them.

LifePoints doesn’t offer as many or as high-quality surveys as some other websites, which lowers your return on investment. You’re really only finishing a few surveys at a time that are worth a few points each because they tend to fill up quickly (more on that below).

There are a finite number of surveys as well. This means that you can only earn five points each day, making it challenging to reach the minimum requirement of 600 points needed to redeem for the lowest-value reward option, a $5 gift card.

About LifePoints Surveys

LifePoints Review 2023 - Is Lifepoints Legit or Scam

Your dashboard is filled with surveys, so I decided to start with the first one on the list and work my way horizontally to the right to finish them.

The first survey on the list claimed to take around eight minutes and award 50 points. I gave the survey my gender and age, and then I was taken to a screen that informed me it had already been filled out.

I didn’t receive any points. I was instead returned to my dashboard, where I chose the survey that was immediately after it.

In this second survey, 11 minutes and 75 points were cited. Again, I didn’t get very far before the screen letting me know the survey was full appeared.

I did, however, this time get two points for trying the survey. For my third survey, which was quoted at 25 minutes and 150 points, the same procedure was repeated.

After my third survey, I was met with a message that I had done all the surveys available for that day and that I should check out the “Community” page for more activities.

The following day, I attempted to log in and was greeted with the same message, preventing me from gaining any LifePoints unless I checked in again later.

Despite not logging out, I closed the tab. But when I navigated back to the LifePoints website to check on the “Community” tab, I was met with a “Quick Poll” that rewarded me one point.

After two days of testing, I was ultimately only able to earn 26 points, and I was never able to move on to a survey.

This could be a result of my demographic profile or any number of other factors, and other users might get different or better results.

How to Get Paid from Lifepoints?

LifePoints Review 2023 - Is Lifepoints Legit or Scam

You have the option of receiving payment from LifePoints in the form of a gift card or a donation. The number of points needed to obtain both gift cards and donations is listed along with the corresponding dollar amount.

While it may seem like a single point would equal a penny — as is true with Swagbucks, where every “SB” you earn is worth 1 cent — that’s not always the case.

As an illustration, you must accumulate 600 points to receive a $5 PayPal gift card. But you only need 550 points in order to give the Special Olympics the same amount. A $25 Target gift card will cost you 2,700 points, which is a marginally better deal than using your points for PayPal.

You need a PayPal account in order to use a PayPal gift card. You simply need to reach the minimum number of points for the majority of other gift cards.

After they post to your account, points become immediately usable. Earning the necessary 550 points (roughly $5) to cash out is the only difficulty you might encounter in getting paid.

When it comes to maximizing earning potential, the fact that surveys were filled at the time of our logins does not inspire much confidence.

LifePoints Pros and Cons

LifePoints Review 2023 - Is Lifepoints Legit or Scam


  • Surveys can be completed with little to no effort or expertise.
  • You can use points in a variety of ways in your daily life because they can be redeemed for gift cards from many well-known retailers.
  • LifePoints can be earned with a low-maintenance membership that only requires occasional sign-ins; there are no daily minimums or other obligations required.


  • There aren’t many places to get paid.
  • You might not be eligible for many surveys unless you fit certain criteria in terms of your demographics.
  • There isn’t much of a return on investment; you could probably make more money on other survey websites.

Is Your Personal Data Safe and Secure With LifePoints?

Your concerns and questions may center on the safety and security of the personal data you provide to LifePoints.

According to the website, LifePoints makes every effort to protect your data.

You can see all the data they might gather about you as well as the reason for collecting it if you visit their Privacy page.

They also detail your many rights, including the ability to access and delete all the information they have on you.

I believe LifePoints has taken significant steps to comply with GDPR, so your data should be secure.

Who Should Avoid LifePoints?

  • Impatient People – If you don’t have much patience, you might find it frustrating to have to attempt several surveys before being accepted. It might be best to skip LifePoints and opt for a platform like MyPoints that rewards other online activities like watching videos and browsing.
  • People Expecting Big Money – Paid survey websites are a good way to earn a few extra dollars, but there is absolutely no chance that you will become wealthy using them. People wanting to earn serious cash should invest their time building a lucrative side hustle instead of taking online surveys.
  • Anyone Who Doesn’t Enjoy Sharing Their Opinions – The primary focus of LifePoints is surveys, with some product testing and behavior tracking in the background. If you don’t like expressing your ideas and opinions, it’s not the right fit for you.


With LifePoints, you can participate in surveys as usual and make money from home while expressing your opinions.

Although I believe it to be a legitimate survey panel, this does not guarantee that you will receive payment without any problems.

A lot of people have a bad experience with LifePoints because they frequently get disqualified and waste a lot of time.

On the other hand, a lot of other members claim to have had a good experience.


Does LifePoints Pay Real Money?

For anyone over the age of 18, LifePoints is a reliable online rewards system. You’ll receive the promised points if you successfully complete surveys. Furthermore, the rewards are genuine once you’ve racked up enough points.

How Do You Get Paid from LifePoints?

For each survey you finish, you receive LifePoints. They can be donated to a good cause or exchanged for e-gift cards and PayPal cash. As soon as you join, you’ll be able to access the variety of options in your account.

How Long Does LifePoints Take to Pay?

Once your balance reaches $5, you have four payment options for redeeming your LifePoints. Your digital gift cards or PayPal cash payments may arrive in ten days or longer. Although my PayPal payment took five days, most electronic redemptions arrive a few days sooner.

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