BitPaye Review

Bitpaye is an excellent website for free access to cryptocurrency. It also provides free crypto faucets, PTC walls, and short links. Bitpaye provides users with three different membership levels, and the proportion of income obtained by each level is different. You can upgrade your membership level by logging in to the website regularly and doing tasks in the types of surfing, window or video advertising on BitPaye to obtain a higher income.

What is BitPaye?

BitPaye is a free reward platform. You can earn bitcoin by watching advertisements or offering discounts. BitPaye is also an advertising website. Advertisers can advertise their products in front of many BitPaye viewers and users. Earn free bitcoin by using BitPaye to watch advertisements.

How Does BitPaye Work?

If you want to have cryptocurrency, bitcoin is regarded by many as one of the best choices because it has better liquidity. When your government decides to keep most of its value in cryptocurrency, this means that it can convert it into cryptocurrency. Therefore, if you are interested in earning bitcoin rather than really mining bitcoin, BitPaye is the website you can choose. BitPaye promises to pay bitcoin for click advertising.

In BitPaye, there are 3 types of ads–Surf ads, Video ads, and window ads. There is no much major difference between the 3 types. You can view the rewards and the required time in the ads before clicking on them.

Since clicking on ads has low earning potential, it might also be advisable to do surveys and offers too

Similar to most of the GPT sites, BitPaye also has its own referral program that allows you to earn affiliate commission from your invited users for the tasks done.

How to Earn on BitPaye Site?


You can finish every PTC Task once a day and you just need to watch advertisements to earn free Bitcoin rewards.

Surf Ads

Surf Ads shows the timer in the Tab and you don’t need to stay on the page to complete the view and receive your satoshi, but there is a captcha to complete after the timer expires.

Windows Ads

Windows Ads require that you solve a captcha first, stay on the advertisement until the timer runs out, and you are then credited the reward amount.

Video Ads

You can now earn Bitcoin by Watching the Videos posted by Advertisers in the Video Ads section! There are not many Videos now and we should give it some time until they acquire enough Advertisers but it’s an amazingly promising feature!

Short Link

You can open every short link to finish the task once a day and you just need to watch advertisements to earn free Bitcoin rewards.

Offer Wall

At present, BitPaye has connected 5 kinds of Offer Wall platforms. And we can get different satoshis rewards by finishing different kinds of tasks.


There are 10 kinds of faucets for you and you can click claim every 30 minutes.


BitPaye has high-quality traffic where you can advertise your product with a high conversion rate. With more than 50,000 unique active users per day, BitPaye can bring a good amount of users and revenue for your product! You can recommend the BitPaye advertisement by your affiliate link. You earn up to 20% of your advertisement sales.

  • High-Quality Traffic
  • Affordable Price
  • Geographic Targeting

You can choose your advertisement display to any specific countries

  • Easy Management

Just provide your website URL, and description. You can start a campaign in a few minutes. Detailed traffic reports will be provided for tracking.

Is BitPaye a Scam?

When you want to know whether BitPaye is legal, the first thing is to check whether users really get money from the website. Bitpaye is safe and absolutely a legal website. You can find many users’ high-quality comments on Trustpilot.

How Much Can I Earn From BitPaye?

Although the profit potential of BitPaye free users is very low, BitPaye is one of the best free crypto payment platforms in the market. If you have free time and want to get some crypto, BitPaye is the right choice to generate some free cryptocurrency for you. If you want to earn more from BitPaye, you need to upgrade your membership. This is not a sponsored post, and I’m not suggesting promoting your membership. This is my only opinion. The decision belongs to you. As far as I know, BitPaye is one of the legal encryption revenue platforms that have existed since 2020 and pays its users regularly.

BitPaye Referral Program

If you sign up successfully, you can get your own referral link, and you can get FREE cryptos with your friends together by sharing your referral link. You earn 10-20% affiliate commission from your invited users when they complete tasks and earn. The more active are the members, the more referral commissions you receive!

How to Withdraw on BitPaye?

Bitpaye allows users to withdraw revenue in the form of cryptocurrency. You can connect your iCoinPay or FaucetPay wallet to withdraw your free crypto coins. There is no withdrawal fee requirement on BitPaye. The minimum withdrawal amount differs from each coin. You can check the details on the withdrawal page of each coin. Fortunately, BitPaye has the most popular withdrawal cryptocurrency. Payment will be transferred to your wallet immediately.


BitPaye may not provide you with thousands of cryptocurrencies, but as you know, cryptos technology can make you rich or poor in just a few months. Because you don’t have to invest in cryptos technology, you don’t have to worry about their prices falling. But if you make some encrypted money through Bitpaye and have some cryptos in your wallet, you can get rich in five to six years. So you must try BitPaye.

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