Cointiply Review (2023) – Earning Free Bitcoin or Wasting Time


Cointiply offers different ways to earn small amounts of income by completing surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and even just chatting on the website. When you complete the task on the website, you can get coins that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency at Cointiply.

Payment WalletBitcoin Wallet
Referral system25% of referrals faucet & 10% of referrals offer wall
Min WithdrawalThe minimum DIRECT (to your Bitcoin wallet) withdrawal amount is 50,000 Coins. The minimum withdrawal for DOGE, LTC & DASH is 30,000 coins.
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysFaucet, Offer Wall, Complete Surveys, PTC Ads, Play Game, Promo Code, Quests
Support CoinBitcoin, DOGE, Dash or LTC
Cointiply Overview

What is Cointiply?

Cointiply is a pay platform and bitcoin faucet. The cryptocurrency only reward website also offers other coins, such as litecoin, dash and dogecoin, which is the narration of bitcoin. Cointiply was founded in 2018 and is used by more than 2.7 million people around the world. Cointiply also paid users more than $3 million in cryptocurrency.

Like other websites, cointiply provides users with different tasks, such as watching videos and completing surveys, and rewards them with coins. Then you can convert the coins into cryptocurrency.

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Cointiply Pros

  • It is found all over the world.
  • There are many opportunities to make money here.
  • No withdrawal fee.
  • It provides a transparent payment system.
  • The customer service was excellent and the response was quick.
  • It offers a generous recommendation program.

Cointiply Cons

  • Currently, only four cryptocurrencies are available.
  • Some tasks have little return.
  • Due to market price fluctuations, the amount of cryptocurrency may be slightly different.

How Does Cointiply Work?

When you create an account in Cointiply, you can start to complete the task and use the free bitcoin faucet every hour. However, when you join for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by how many money making options you have. So don’t worry: it’s time to categorize the different ways you can make money through cointiply and the income you should expect.

How Much is a Coin of Cointiply Worth?

OK, we’ve introduced all the ways you can earn coins. The question is, how much is a coin worth? A coin is worth $00010. In other words, 10000 coins equals one dollar. Remember that the value of these coins will fluctuate slightly through bitcoin or multi currency, so you can cash in these coins and change them.

How to Make Money in Cointiply?

When you register in cointiply, you can make money in different ways. These include completing surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, chatting, playing games, applying for daily offers, and even recommendation plans. Once the minimum threshold is reached, you can withdraw cash in the form of cryptocurrency. Here are different ways to earn coins on cointiply:

Request for Quotation

Cointiply continues to offer concessions to its members as an opportunity to earn coins, and some of them pay even more than the survey.

You can be asked to sign up for a website or service, use a free trial of a service, download a mobile application and follow certain instructions, and so on.

Complete the Survey

Cointiply survey is one of the most popular and fastest ways to make money. You can access available surveys on the navigation bar at any time. Top companies such as your surveys, yuno surveys, thermal reach and polish provided these surveys. The cost of these surveys ranges from $0.10 to $1.50, depending on demographic data and survey time.


Because Cointiply is also a bitcoin faucet, you can win coins by rolling numbers. You can also get a free roll of the dice every hour, and you can get coins when you roll the dice. Cointiply won’t bring a lot of income, but if you insist on doing so, your income will increase. If you are lucky, you can also win the grand prize.

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Chat on the Website

Chatting on cointiply is another way to earn coins on the website.

The start chat button on the sidebar allows you to chat online with other users.

Every time you chat, you and others in the chat room will get a percentage of the total reward. After a while, you need to go back to chat and find coins to continue.

Watch Video

If you want to easily earn coins on cointiply, you should watch their paid video. You can earn 200 to 500 coins for each video. Although this is a small number, it can also accumulate without any effort.

Watch Advertisements

Although Cointiply doesn’t pay much, there are also pay per click ads on cointiply. You can click the PTC option in the navigation menu to view the advertisement. Then, you can click on the ad and watch it until the timer is complete. You can get up to 25 coins per ad. Cointiply’s advertising is also limited, so you have to stop after a period of time.

Play a Game

You can also choose to play games on Cointiply, which is similar to watching videos, but you need to put more energy into this task. Cointiply has different casual games that reward you when you fill in the activity bar. If you want to fill your activity bar, you need to play games. However, it pays about 100 to 200 coins per hour, no more than 2 cents.


One risky way to make money with cointiply is through multipliers. First, you need to put some coins and guess which circles contain red or gray gemstones. If you get a red gem, your coins will multiply, but gray ends the game.

How Much Money Can You Make With Cointiply?

You can’t make money with coins, nor should you use them as a major source of income. On average, you can earn $5 a month. Cointiply is rewarded with coins, but 100 coins are about 1 cent, which means that you earn less than 1 cent from activities such as watching advertisements and playing games. By investing more energy and energy in Cointiply, you can earn $10 or more a month.

Cointiply Promotion Code and Recommendation Plan

Cointiply offers a generous referral program that rewards you whenever someone signs up for your link.

The reward is 25% of their faucet claim and 10% of their income.

There is no limit to the number of people you can consult. This is a good way of passive income.

Cointiply also allows you to get coins when you enter a promotion code after registration.

Whenever you see a code, you should redeem it immediately so that you won’t miss it.

Cointiply Minimum Withdrawal

For every 10000 coins you receive on cointiply, you will receive a $1 reward, and you can convert coins into cryptocurrency only when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold. Cointiply’s minimum withdrawal standard is to convert 50000 coins into bitcoin and 30000 coins into other cryptocurrencies, such as Doge, dashcoin and litecoin. Cointiply doesn’t charge any withdrawal fee. When you ask for payment, they will pay 100% of your income. After the request is completed, you will receive payment within 72 hours.

How Do You Withdraw Coins?

If you want to cash out with cointiply, you can withdraw with bitcoin or Doge currency.

You need to enter bitcoin or Dogecoin Wallet code into your account so that cointiply can provide the address of sending coins.

This is the standard tool for extracting cryptocurrency, so don’t worry.

If you need to create a bitcoin wallet, I suggest you go to coinbase, because you can make one for free.

Note: cointiply does not charge for extracting coins. This is a plus sign!

Please also note that you need at least $5 bitcoin and $3 dogecoin to cash.

If you deposit 35000 or more coins in the bank, you can get an annual interest rate of 5%, but I won’t take risks in their system because you never know when things will happen, cointiply said.

How Do I Cancel My Cointiply Account?

To cancel your Cointiply account, click the button titled “my account”. Then, in the Settings tab, find the option to delete the account.

Before deleting your Cointiply account, please make sure you have withdrawn all funds. Cancel your account without any charge; However, if you do not withdraw more than 0.001 bitcoin in your account, they will not be able to process your request.


For me, I will always recommend Cointiply. This is one of the best websites when you want to pay in cryptocurrency.

Their income is huge and they have proved that they are a legitimate website. You can use Cointiply to make money in different ways, or you can join from other countries.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get free bitcoin, Cointiply is your best plug-in!

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