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Bitcoin faucets are certainly not a get rich quick plan. The simpler the task, the less return. Most websites offer a minimum payment threshold, so the reward for completing the task will be deposited in the website’s online wallet. Users can withdraw this reward only after reaching the set minimum threshold. However, if we use bitcoin faucets, it may only take a day or a few minutes, but it usually takes more than a week.

But what is the purpose of bitcoin faucets? Although cryptocurrencies have developed greatly last year, they have not yet fully become the mainstream and are still new to many people around the world. The idea behind bitcoin faucets is to provide people with free cryptocurrencies so that they can spend time learning about digital assets and hopefully invest in them.

Where Does the Bitcoin Faucet Come From?

The original idea of bitcoin faucet was to make bitcoin more popular and let more people come into contact with virtual currency. Bitcoin faucet is more like a marketing gimmick. Free games and easy money making opportunities provide opportunities for many target groups, so website operators can make money mainly through advertising. The fees paid by third-party providers are becoming more and more popular, and since most of the advertisements are directed to other bitcoin faucet websites, a profit cycle has been created here.

However, the bitcoin faucet model did not really succeed. This is because predictable profits are too low for most people. If users are absent, many offers will soon be withdrawn from the market. If there is no traffic, the operation of the website will be unprofitable. In fact, only a few bitcoin faucet continue to be well utilized, even though the market is actually no longer one. Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency in general, is already too famous in this regard.

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Why Are the Faucets Willing to Give Away Cryptocurrencies?

Crypto faucet owner will to give away away cryptocurrencies is to encourage you to continue to visit the website and increase their advertising revenue through impression and click through rate. It has also improved various ranking criteria to enable website owners to join more profitable advertising networks. Before you can claim your coins, most bitcoin facuets you will visit require you to complete the verification code at least once to prevent robots. Bitcoin facet owners can also make money from this process, so some people will place two or even three on bitcoin facet’s website.

What Makes a Great Wonderful Bitcoin Faucet?


Bitcoin faucet usually has a refresh or load time, ranging from 15 minutes to several hours, and there will be a limit on the number of times. Some bitcoin faucet websites may only receive it 10 times a day, while some bitcoin faucet websites have no limit.

Claim amount

Claim amount will tell you exactly how much money you can earn and how often you earn Bitcoin. Claim amount also depends on the simplicity or complexity of the task you are going to complete.

Minimum withdrawal

Almost all encrypted faucets will require you to reach a certain amount of satoshis before withdrawal. The minimum water intake of many faucets is 10000 satoshis, equivalent to 0.0001 BTC or more than $5, but the threshold of some faucet websites is very low, because they stipulate specific withdrawal wallets, and you can only withdraw the amount you get into these wallets.

Withdrawal method

Withdrawal methods are different from different Bitcoin faucets, we must pay attention to that if the BTC faucet need the withdrawal fee.

Referral fee

You may also want to see how much money you can make by introducing bitcoin faucet website or app to friends and family. Some websites actually offer good bonuses, so be sure to consider this when choosing bitcoin faucets.

Try These Best Bitcoin (BTC) Crypto Faucets on BtcAdv!

Autofaucet-Dutchycorp offers an Autofaucet. That means, you start it and it claims BTC automatically every few minutes.

Bitpaye is a crypto revenue and advertising platform. Members can earn free bitcoin by completing various tasks (including faucet, PTC, short link, etc.)

Cointiply is a  popular bitcoin faucet. The Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet has paid users more than $3 million in cryptocurrency.

Fire Faucet allows you to automatically claim BTC at once in a single tab without any annoying ads or popups.

Freebitco bitcoin faucet is mainly famous for its faucet based operation mode, in which registered users solve and complete the verification code to generate Satoshi, and then convert it into bitcoin.

Dogemate is a free Bitcoin earning platform. It pays you to complete tasks such as PTC links, short links, rolling games, faucet, offer wall and referrals.

Viefaucet is the most friendly Faucet. High paying – Instant payment – Multiple currencies.

Bitpaye is a crypto revenue and advertising platform. Members can earn free bitcoin by completing various tasks (including faucet, PTC, short link, etc.)

How Much Can I Make from Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin faucets are obtained through different websites, and bitcoin faucets regularly distributes bitcoin in satoshis. Sp How Much Can I Make from Bitcoin Faucets? We first need to know that the rewards of different websites vary greatly.

Anyone can recommend bitcoin faucets to you, but are they safe? The risk of bitcoin faucets is quite low. As people say, “low risk, low return” in the worst case, you may lose the money you haven’t withdrawn, so when I reach the minimum payment, I always accept it without hesitation.

Other risks may be false advertising, malware or phishing attacks. Just make sure you’re not involved in a website that requires a deposit, or if you’re sent to an unreliable website, install an advertising blocker and click leave as soon as possible.

If you have patience and time, you can definitely try bitcoin faucets. But for potential learning, this is definitely not something you should not devote yourself to. Bitcoin faucets provides a good way to claim some free bitcoins, albeit in small quantities. When choosing bitcoin faucets, we must search for comments and feedback from relevant operators. Some faucets are more trustworthy than others and have a higher success rate of payment – and be sure to avoid any bitcoin faucets that look too good to be true.

Are Bitcoin Faucets Worth It?

If you are looking for a get rich quick plan or a ridiculous money making opportunity, bitcoin faucets is not worth your time because you can earn a limited number of BTCs. However, for those who want to stack some sats or try cryptocurrencies for the first time, bitcoin faucets may be a good choice.

That is, you should remember that although you don’t have to spend money to get some BTC through the faucet, you still need to spend time to complete the task to get bitcoin.

Bitcoin Faucet Experience – Which Providers Are There?

Although bitcoin faucets’ popularity is relatively low, it is possible for people to have a wide range of bitcoin faucet experiences. As always, there are reliable faucets and fraudulent suppliers. Since suspicious providers are not always recognized at first glance, and as investors, you can only get relatively little income, we usually recommend not to use bitcoin faucets. However, if you want to try your luck, we outline the most famous bitcoin faucet for you below.

Bitcoin Faucet Recommendation

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