DogeMate is a multi-coin faucet and PTC site. It’s very simple to use and supports 15 cryptocurrency payments on FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto. It allows you to make up to 5 daily withdrawals. Good place if you want to earn and round up your cryptocurrency wallet with some promising tokens like BitTorrent, Tron or Dogecoin.

What is DogeMate?

DogeMate is a Bitcoin faucet and PTC platform where you earn some free crypto coins. You just need to answer captcha on faucets, complete surveys and offers, and click and surf advertisements to earn. It supports 15 cryptocurrencies and allows you to withdraw to a direct wallet or micro wallet. Based on Whori‘s record, the domain has been registered in 2019 and the registrant contact is in Bangladesh.

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How Does DogeMate Win Work?

DogeMate is a simple platform to use that offers a few methods to earn free cryptocurrencies. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and not forgetting a digital wallet to collect the crypto coins. Many people are currently looking for ways to earn free cryptocurrencies and the top choice is to join crypto faucets. After collecting and accumulating the free coins, they can then trade or withdraw them as real money. If you are looking for such a program, try out DogeMate. Don’t be mistaken by the name because it suggests Doge. It also pays other cryptocurrencies too. 

How to Earn on DogeMate?

DogeMate is a very simple site to use and it is an excellent solution if you want to collect for free cheap cryptocurrencies such as Tron, Dogecoin and BitTorrent. All the actions you perform on the site give you COINS, which will be converted into cryptocurrencies at the time of withdrawal. 100,000 Coins equals $1.


In the earn coins section, there are four primary ways to earn cryptocurrencies. Earn coins are the most common section for earners. Short walls offer coins for every shortened link you visit. PTC ads show you paid to click ads for a specific time and reward you with some coins. You can earn a 10% bonus on your referral offerwalls earning and a 25% bonus on Short walls and PTC ad making. And the tasks section gives you the opportunities to earn bulk coins by promoting DogeMate on different platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Blogs, Forums, and Youtube.


There are all the major providers of offers and surveys. Among the many we recommend mainly (Adscendmedia), Theorem Reach and AsiaMag.

Offerwalls are one of the main ways of earning DogeMate coins. When you reach level 10, then the offerwalls section is enabled. You can make thousands of coins on the offerwalls section depending on offer types. Offers are given by multiple top surveys companies like offers4all, time bucks, offer daddy and more.

Roll Game Section: Win up to 5000 DogeMate Coins

On the Roll game section, you will get one roll every hour and a chance to win up to 5000 DogeMate Coins. Roll games are the easiest ways to earn coins but earning potential is depends on your lucks.

Many Coins can also be earned in ShortWalls, the section dedicated to Shortlinks. These links are paid more than just PTC links, but not everyone loves them because they are often filled with pop-ups. In addition, DogeMate also has a loyalty program that recognizes a growing bonus based on level reached and daily/weekly extra bonus based on your activities.

Levels, Bonuses And Achievements

Each action you perform on the site will earn you 10 XP (experience points), which will allow you to increase your level and earn more. Every 10 levels you get +5% Roll Bonus and + 1% Bonus for Shortlinks. Coins extra-bonuses are provided upon reaching levels 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200

The maximum level is 200 and will allow you to obtain:

  • + 100% Roll Bonus
  • + 20% shortlink bonus
  • 11700 Coins as bonus Achievements

Achievements are bonuses that are awarded on a daily/weekly basis or when you reach a minimum goal. If you are very active, don’t forget to redeem your rewards for additional Coins and XP to increase your earnings faster.

Is DogeMate a Scam?

From Trustpilot Review: 

1. Doge is agreat real legit paying site as i withdrew many times from it to my faucetpay and coinbase wallet as aresult i really like working with this site.

2. Good site for free earning by complete Task, watch ads. Within two days after start up i Get my first withdral. I personally recommended as Good Site for Free Earning.

How Much Can I Earn From DogeMate?

You can earn up to 10,000 coins per day. Everything all relies on how you are using the platform. You can still earn more than 10,000 coins per day if you are serious about the entire offer offered to you. But note that dogemate is not a destiny changes that will change your destiny.

DogeMate Referral Program

DogeMate also has a referral program where you can invite your friends to join the site with a unique personal link. Once they join and do the tasks, you will earn 10% bonus of their offerwalls earning and 25% bonus of their short links and others

How to Withdraw on DogeMate?

DogeMate has an affiliate program that will allow you to earn 10% from OfferWalls earnings and 25% from ShortLink, Roll Game and other earnings system.

As we already said, 100,000 Coins equals $1. Withdrawals are possible starting from 1000 Coins ($0.01) and you can choose between 15 cryptocurrencies: Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BitTorrent, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Tether, Tron and Zcash.

If you limit yourself to using Ptc and Roll Game you can earn between 1000/2000 coins. It could be a good idea to use DogeMate to earn and accumulate small promising cryptocurrencies such as BitTorrent. For a fast withdraw process, we recommend you to use FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto micro-wallets, that are really nice project with which you can get fast payments from hundreads of projects.


This dogemate review explains some necessary details about how dogemate returns, such as ways to make money, ways to withdraw money and restrictions. If you like this article and this article, please comment on us and make some records for your free access to cryptocurrency.

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