DonkeyMails is a website called a paid website, which basically means that they will pay you for completing simple tasks online. This is not an opportunity for you to make any life-changing money, but it can help you make a little extra money every month.

What is DonkeyMails?

DonkeyMails is a website that was first launched in 2005. It claims that it can help people earn extra income online by completing simple tasks such as clicking ads and reading e-mails. DonkeyMails also claims to be one of the few “pay” style websites. These websites automatically pay monthly without any minimum payment limit.

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How Does DonkeyMails Work?

Donkeymail is a research group and publishing site. DonkeyMails brings the parties together and clearly shows this on its home page. DonkeyMails is not only a PTR employment company but also a PTC panel company. In the paid2lick section, you can find these ads, just like other PTCs such as Clixsense or NeoBux. PTC is one of my favorite parts in DonkeyMail, because the ads you will find here will give you 0.01 cents to 0.25 cents! Believe me, as a nonupgraded member, you will receive more than 50 advertisements every day!

How to Earn on DonkeyMails?

View Ads

Because DonkeyMails is a PTC website, you can make money just by looking at ads. Once you have completed the registration process (which I will discuss later), you will be able to log in to the DonkeyMails membership dashboard and view all the ads you can click on. To profit from clicks, just go to the paid clicks section. Then you will see all the ads you can view. The advantage of clicking on the ads available on DonkeyMail is that they pay more for click ads than most other websites. Most advertisements will give you a 0.1 cent reward. This is not much, but according to my experience, it is relatively higher than other PTC websites. Other PTC websites usually pay you much less. You only need to browse the ads long enough to get the promised reward. This is a very direct opportunity to make money. This does not require much effort, but the pay is not high. You need to invest a lot of time to accumulate a considerable income. But then again, the PTC website is like this.


If you are a member of DonkeyMails, you will be familiar with Offerwalls.

Offerwalls are basically like a bulletin board that says you can complete tasks to get rewards. When you go to Offerwall, you will see all the tasks you can accomplish. There will be corresponding rewards after each task is completed.

Once you have completed a job, the reward will be credited to your DonkeyMail account. Most services require you to register for a website, answer surveys or quizzes, play games, and so on.

However, no matter what the bid requires you to do, it is important to remember that you must ensure that you strictly follow the instructions of the bid in order to receive the promised return. One thing to note is that these offers will come from their partner websites, not DonkeyMail itself. Once you become a member of DonkeyMail, there will be many offer walls from different websites.

Donkeymail also offers paid surveys as a way to get rewards.

The surveys you can find here are different from those you can find on the quote wall. DonkeyMails’ paid surveys are still coming from their partner websites. Basically, they just have a specific paid survey section. When you pay per click survey, you will be taken to another website. In some cases, you must register with the site to begin answering surveys. After completing the survey, you will receive a reward, which will be credited to your DonkeyMail account.

In my experience, the return you receive from these surveys will be slightly lower than the actual return paid by the websites that provide the surveys.

For example, you can register directly on surveytime, as shown in the figure above, and then you can get higher rewards for each survey. Therefore, in reality, if we are talking about the amount you will receive after completing the survey, it is better for you to obtain these amounts from the actual survey website that provides the survey. However, this is still a good way to get extra rewards from DonkeyMails.

Is DonkeyMails a Scam?

Donkeymail is a legitimate website that has existed since 2005. Since its inception, DonkeyMails has had more than 600000 members worldwide.

The fact that DonkeyMails paid its members quickly (within 2 weeks) further safeguarded its legitimacy. You can visit the “paid” page on the DonkeyMails website for more proof of payment.

How Much Can I Earn from DonkeyMails?

If you want to use the pay option on this site, DonkeyMails gives you the opportunity to upgrade your account and earn more money. The fee for upgrading membership starts at $7.99. The upgraded DonkeyMails account attracts a higher commission than the standard account. You can also use the upgraded account to hire referrals and increase referral commissions. But remember, there is no guarantee that you will profit from your recommendations, so you may end up losing money. From February 2020, you can no longer withdraw money from your DonkeyMail account. You will earn points on the platform, but until you can redeem cash or gift cards, now you can only use points for advertising on the website. This, of course, means that all users of DonkeyMails are trying to get ads. Therefore, this may cast doubt on the actual effect of advertising.

DonkeyMails Referral Program

Your 5 recommended Commission levels——

  • Level 1 – 10%
  • Level 2 – 5%
  • Level 3 – 3% level 4 – 2%
  • Level 5 – 1%

Activities that require only 10% of referral income

How to Withdraw on DonkeyMails?

One of the biggest features of DonkeyMails is that even if your income is $0.000001 or less, you can withdraw your income without the minimum payment

For each offer or activity you complete on DonkeyMail, you will still get a certain number of points. However, if you were able to withdraw income through bitcoin, payer, solid trust payment, or convert it into Amazon Gift Card in the past, it would be impossible.


From the front end of DonkeyMails, DonkeyMails looks really nutritious. But that doesn’t mean it is. When you start blogging, it gives you a chance to really start learning what is good and what is not. If you come to this DonkeyMails review to learn how to make money, you may be a little frustrated because the PTC website does not fully pay.

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    1. You can still register in this platform buy they aren’t paying out no more, just in ad exposure. So whatever you earn has to be spent on advertising.

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