Ibotta Reviews 2023 – Pros & Cons You Should Know

Ibotta Reviews 2023 - Pros & Cons You Should Know

Ibotta is a fantastic platform for getting cash back on frequent purchases. Customers frequently use this app to save money on groceries because it is legitimate.

Read this Ibotta review to learn more information about pros & cons of Ibotta, how to earn rewards from Ibotta, as well as more tips to use Ibotta!

Pros & Cons of Ibotta


  • Free to use
  • Features over 300 retailers
  • Earn up to $20 in welcome bonuses
  • Get paid to refer friends
  • Earn cash back on gift card purchases
  • Earn more with bonuses
  • You can cash out at $20


  • You need to add offers before shopping
  • You need to upload receipts
  • Offers are store-specific
  • Many offers are brand-specific
  • There are ads
  • You must make online purchases through the app

What is Ibotta and How Does It Work?

Ibotta Reviews 2023 - Pros & Cons You Should Know

Ibotta is a free cash back app that gives rewards for in-store and online purchases. 300+ merchants are available on the app. You must download the Ibotta app to your smartphone and create an account with the service in order to get started. You can find offers for particular stores inside the app. Clicking the plus sign will add an offer you like to your list of recently-clipped offers when you see one.

Additional information is listed for each offer. Details include:

  • Any product exclusions
  • How often you can redeem the offer
  • Whether the offer qualifies for any bonuses
  • The offer expiration date and time

It depends on the offers you redeem how much cash back you can get from Ibotta. The lowest amount of cash back available is $0.10, and rewards rates vary. However, a lot of offers fall between $0.50 and $1.00. Additionally, some offer rates are significantly higher—$3 or more.

How to Earn Rewards from Ibotta?

Ibotta Reviews 2023 - Pros & Cons You Should Know

You must upload a picture of your receipt after completing your in-store purchases. Your receipt can be uploaded up to seven days after you make a purchase. You might even be able to link your Ibotta account to your preferred retailer’s loyalty program. You won’t need to upload a receipt when you do this!

Ibotta is a tool you can use to get cash back on online purchases. Online offers have their own section within the app. Find the offer that you like and then click the “Shop” button. You will then be directed by the app to the brand’s website from within the app screen. There isn’t a receipt that you must upload. To ensure you receive your rewards while shopping, make sure you don’t navigate away from the app screen.

The use of Ibotta also enables users to get cash back on gift card purchases. In the app right now, gift cards are available for purchase from more than 120 retailers. For the majority of gift card purchases, you can anticipate earning 5% cash back. Each retailer specifies the amount they offer. They are digital gift cards.

How to Redeem Rewards

Ibotta is a free way to make extra money because there are no fees associated with using it. You can ask for a payout once your cash back earnings total $20. If you’d like, you can exchange your earnings for gift cards to well-known stores. You also have the option to cash out your earnings to the following:

  • Bank account
  • PayPal
  • Venmo

Ibotta is a fantastic free app to think about using if you want to get rewarded for your regular purchases, whether they are made in-store or online. Continue reading our in-depth Ibotta review to discover more about the features of this cash back app and determine if it’s the best option for you.

Ibotta Reviews 2023 - Pros & Cons You Should Know

Tips for Earning More With Ibotta

The biggest drawback is that it’s easy to forget to check the app before a grocery run. This makes preparation the key to maximizing the cash back you receive from Ibotta. Prior to shopping, be sure to check Ibotta for deals and prioritize those items on your grocery list.

You can maximize the cash back you’ll earn with Ibotta if you put in the effort to plan ahead and comparison shop. For even more ways to save and earn, here are five additional tips:

1. Combine sales, coupons, and cash-back offers. Look for items that are on sale in the weekly ad circular at your grocery store, then check to see if Ibotta offers these items. Additional manufacturer coupons (paper or digital) can be used in conjunction with these deals to save even more money. If you make a grocery list, check Ibotta to see if any cash back offers are available for those items.

2. Complete bonuses. Ibotta gives users the option to earn bonuses in addition to individual rebates. A welcome bonus of up to $20 is available when you first sign up. After I had redeemed nine offers, my welcome bonus was $15. I’m also working on a $0.75 bonus that you must use three offers on in order to qualify for breakfast items. You can see available bonuses by clicking the “Earn More” tab in the Ibotta app. Click on individual bonus offers to view details, including eligible offers, exclusions, and more.

3. Use “any brand” rebates. As you’re browsing offers in Ibotta, you’ll see “any brand” rebates, which is a great way to save on your favorite regular purchases. Although the value of these rebates may be a little lower ($0.25 to $0.50), you are not required to purchase a particular brand. By doing this, you can save money on everyday items like fresh foods. You can search for these offers by typing “any brand” into the search bar on the Ibotta app.

4. While shopping, use the app’s scanner. Use Ibotta’s barcode scanner to check if a product qualifies for an offer if you’re unsure. Certain products may not be eligible depending on the specifics of the item size or quantity stated in the fine print. To avoid missing out on any earnings, use the scanner to confirm an item’s eligibility.

5. Build a team. Ibotta provides a ton of incentives to help you earn more, such as a referral program and a welcome bonus for new members. You will receive a bonus every time a friend signs up for Ibotta and starts using the offers. To grow their teams, many people post their referral codes on social media. It will be simpler to achieve teamwork bonuses for everyone on your team the bigger it is.

Final Thoughts

Ibotta Reviews 2023 - Pros & Cons You Should Know

Ibotta is, overall, a fantastic way to get cash back for regular purchases. The most well-known grocery rebate app is Ibotta, but there are other ways to save money as well.

Ibotta is the most flexible cash-back app we’ve found out of all the ones available. Gaining cash back is now simpler than ever thanks to its user interface and ease of use.

Let me know how much you enjoy Ibotta by signing up right away! I’d also like to know how much money you’ve saved using it on groceries.


Is There a Downside to Ibotta?

After a purchase, an offer cannot be used. Prior to making a purchase, you must claim offers in order to receive cash back from Ibotta. In this way, it resembles a coupon.

How Trustworthy is Ibotta?

Ibotta has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating with over 1.5 million customer reviews in the App Store and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating with over 607,000 reviews in the Google Play Store. With over 1,200 customer reviews, over 60% of which are Excellent ratings, Trustpilot has given Ibotta a 4.2 out of 5 rating.

Can You Really Make Money With Ibotta?

Ibotta offers several ways for users to earn cashback rewards, such as uploading a picture of their receipt, connecting a loyalty program, or conducting online purchases directly from the app. By completing partner offers, you can boost your earnings as well. The best part is that Ibotta makes it simple to cash in on the cash back you’ve earned by using the app.

How Much Money Does Ibotta Give You?

Ibotta registration enables you to activate offers on your phone or computer before making purchases at participating retailers, after which you can watch your cash back accrue. According to an Ibotta spokesperson, more active users can earn up to $300 per month, with the average active user earning between $10 and $20 per month.

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