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Satoshi Hero

Satoshi Hero is a sleek faucet with a cool design. Satoshi Hero displays very few advertisements and is easy to use. Satoshi Hero’s faucet amount may be less than that of other faucets. You need to make multiple claims before withdrawing because the minimum amount required by Satoshi Hero is quite high.

What is Satoshi Hero?

Satoshi Hero is a bitcoin tap and cryptocurrency game that allows you to play games and tap online to make money. The website has been active since 2018 and Satoshi Hero has paid thousands of dollars to users so far.

The owner of Satoshi Hero is also the owner of Satoshi monitor. If you have created an account on Satoshi monitor, you can also log in to Satoshi Hero with this credential. The faucet displays some advertisements on random pages to bring them income. For example, the faucet page has four advertisements. Most of the new faucets have a lot of advertisements, which is bad for American tourists. It’s annoying to see more advertisements.

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How Does Satoshi Hero Work?

Satoshi Hero is the faucet of bitcoin. It provides a very good design, and the navigation on the website is very intuitive. The owner of Satoshi Hero also has a website called Satoshi monitor. Your account is applicable to both websites, and your balance will be calculated as one website.

How to Earn on Satoshi Hero?

Satoshi Hero Faucet (Wheel)

The “Get free bitcoin” function is an ordinary faucet. You can apply for it three times in a row, that is, you can apply for it three times every 30 minutes. Click the scroll wheel in the upper right corner to open a pop-up window. In this window, you can turn the scroll wheel and even win Satoshi up to 250K. So basically you have 3 attempts to win 1-250.000 Satoshi every 30 minutes. We heard from members that the first prize has been won again and again.

Satoshi Hero Games.

Satoshi Hero’s “bitcoin game” part is the bitcoin casino part. They listed various popular game providers in the form of slot machines. In these games, bitcoin online gambling has become a reality, but you can also save bitcoin for games. We strongly recommend this part because they have some cool and unique HD bitcoin slot machines and casino games. We tried most slot machines on Satoshi Hero and the results were good, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you! We won a bonus of about 0.01 BTC, which really shows that the administrator is a very trusted person! In June 2021, a member of Satoshi Hero won 0.44 BTC, and we verified and saw the payment!

Offer Wall

This “offerwalls” section of Satoshi Hero allows you to earn bitcoin on 10 different offerwalls. Most offerwalls will not reward you immediately because they need to check whether you have completed the offer first, so please wait a while and you will get credit. If for some reason you don’t get credit, please check the settings page of your offerwall provider, because if you use them, you will have an account for all these services. Secure screenshots or emails to prove that you have made a quotation and completed the quotation correctly. If you don’t see your screenshot payment after 24 hours, you can contact offerwall support. Offerwalls on Satoshi Hero include offer Toro, Adgate media, Theoremeach, CPX research, Adsend media, Timebucks, Wannads, Wannads surveys, Offerdaddy, and Admantium.

Is Satoshi Hero a Scam?

Satoshi Hero seems to be legal, but it is not safe to deposit without knowing the owner. If you want to take risks, go. If you don’t want to, play for free. When you get paid, you can deposit, but the amount is very small.

Satoshi Hero yes, there are payment vouchers, but you should be careful. You can only save a small amount of money if you like.

How Much Can I Earn From Satoshi Hero?

There are two main different ways to make money on Satoshi Hero, one is the faucet, the other is in the game. They also have other methods, such as offerwall.

Bitcoin Faucet

Satoshi Hero has two types of faucets, one is paid and the other is paid. With a free tap, you can win up to 10000 satoshis every five minutes. You can win up to £ 250000 with a paid faucet. Each turn of the pay faucet will cost you 100 Satoshi.

Play Games

Satoshi Hero has more than 30 active games that you can easily play and earn free bitcoin. Games like Wild Diamonds, Lotus Fortune, Elvis Frog, Wild Spin, Hot Fruits, MMA Legends, and many more.

Satoshi Hero Referral Program

Satoshi Hero referral program is amazing because you can get 50% of the bitcoin they earn. Your recommendation is lifelong, or as long as you are a member, but this is not all, because you have the gambling part, you can also get 0.50% of the betting profit from your recommended bet or dice. What are you waiting for? Tell your friends it’s free!

How to Withdraw on Satoshi Hero?

Once you reach 30000 Satoshi in your Satoshi Hero account, you can withdraw your income directly to your bitcoin wallet or faucet for payment. There is no charge for the withdrawal, but it takes several months to reach the threshold. In addition, compared with other coinpayu, cointiply and faucet encryption companies, Satoshi Hero faucet has a pitiful income.

You can withdraw money from Satoshi Hero in a few minutes through bitcoin wallet or faucet payment. In rare cases, it may take longer. The minimum withdrawal amount for direct withdrawal is 0.0003 bitcoin, or 0.0001 bitcoin on tap payment. Satoshi Hero’s deposit is made through joint payment, so it can be quickly seen in the balance. You can deposit on Satoshi Hero using bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dogecoin, Ethereum, Tron and usdt (tether). No matter how you deposit, your money will be converted into bitcoin in real time and added to your balance.


In short, people can only marvel at the development of Satoshi Hero, because the website was just a small faucet at the beginning, but it has become huge with a large number of members and love. Satoshi Hero has gradually developed into a bitcoin gambling website with a faucet and now pays thousands of dollars in bitcoin every day. Because you can get good income through the investigation of this encrypted casino faucet, but you can also get good income through the game, so we can only give 5 of the 5 stars. Satoshi Hero’s management team has always maintained close contact with the members of the internal telegraph group, which ensures a lot of transparency and credibility. Even after joining a large game manufacturer like practical play, they can still pay a bonus of 0.44 bitcoin ($16500) without any problem, which is a surprising sign of good cash management. We can recommend Satoshi Hero to everyone who likes to be a real top substitute.

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