Top 10 Most Popular Tron (TRX) Faucets 2022

Tron (TRX) faucet is a website that gives a small amount of Tron to visitors every few minutes. Because these Tron (TRX) faucets are basically free, they are very popular. But some Tron (TRX) faucets are better than others, either paying more, more frequently, or more reliable than competitors. This guide introduces the 10 Tron (TRX) faucets with the most active users, and the data comes from

Want more than just Tron? Access dozens of different best cryptocurrency faucets 2022 here.

DutchyCorp Final Faucet

NameAutofaucet Dutchycorp
Creation Date:2019.12.11
Last Payment Time:May 11,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:dutchybeatz
Supports Currencies:BCH , BNB , BTC , DASH , DGB , DOGE , ETH , LTC , TRX , USDT , ZEC , SOL , FEY
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$10.99 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$2,029.31 
Paid Amount a Month:$129,695.13 
Active User:15149
Total Paid Times:2973

We can get free Tron on Dutchycorp Final Faucet. Dutchy is a token used to run an automatic faucet to earn coins. Dutchy tokens can be converted into any encrypted coin, including Tron, and currency exchange is available on the website. Dutchy’s price changes with the rise and fall of Tron’s price.

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Creation Date:2020.11.18
Last Payment Time:May 11,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:Digital Gain
Supports Currencies:BCH , BNB , BTC , DASH , DGB, LTC
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$1.92 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$26.24 
Paid Amount a Month:$1,463.82 
Active User:18695
Total Paid Times:4189

Claim Free Coins is a free Tron faucet where everyone can claim 12 different cryptocurrencies every 5 mins and get paid instantly via FaucetPay.


CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletFaucetPay/iCoinPay
Referral system30%
Min Withdrawal1 satoshi
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysFaucet,PTC Ads,Short Link,Lottery,Offer Wall

BtcAdv uses tokens to pay for watching websites (advertisements) or completing other tasks of BtcAdv. Then you can change these tokens to Tron. You can complete the withdrawal request in just a few minutes. In addition, you can also put your own projects on the BtcAdv website, which provides a very good traffic platform.

Vie Faucet

NameVie Faucet
Creation Date:2020.2.04
Last Payment Time:2022.5.11
Claim URL:
Owner Name:tungaqhd
Supports Currencies:BTC, DOGE, TRX, USDT, BCH, FEY
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$287.77 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$180.74 
Paid Amount a Month:$18,630.31 
Active User:11389
Total Paid Times:11888

Vie is a Tron faucet which rewards the users for playing games. The payout are made via Cryptocurrency Wallet and the withdrawals are said to be processed within a day.
Creation Date:May 22,2021
Last Payment Time:May 11,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:Jarna
Supports Currencies:BTC , LTC , TRX , ETH , USDT , FEY , DGB , BCH , DASH , ZEC
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$28.58 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$151.26 
Paid Amount a Month:$6,038.72 
Active User:9031
Total Paid Times:1700 offer users to earn free Tron by using website Faucets, Sponsor Website, Level System and may more. Join and start earning Free Tron for free.

Diamond Faucet

NameDiamond Faucet
Creation Date:Oct 05,2020
Last Payment Time:May 11,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:crisanrimor
Supports Currencies:BCH , BNB , BTC , DASH, LTC, Tron
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$11.94 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$61.38 
Paid Amount a Month:$4,807.07 
Active User:5892
Total Paid Times:6814

On Diamond Faucet you can claim different Cryptocurrencies, including Tron. All complaints are sent directly to your Faucetpay account. You can make 15 complaints per day. Each complaint must be spaced at least 5 minutes apart. You earn 20% commission for complaints from your referrals.
Paid 24 Hours$168.47 
Paid A Month$3,956.10 
Active User7650
CryptocurrencyBTC, Tron

You can start earning Tron in different ways on AutoFaucet, you can claim using the faucets, complete shortlinks, and offerwalls. If you’re into mining, you can even mine on the site using your computer’s resources.

You can earn on the site: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, DigiByte, Bitcore, Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin, Primecoin, Potcoin, Tron, Hora Token and Ripple.


Creation Date:2020.11.24
Last Payment Time:May 11,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:doganaybtc
Supports Currencies:BCH , BNB , BTC , DASH , DGB, ETH
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$23.88 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$977.39 
Paid Amount a Month:$47,331.59 
Active User:6811
Total Paid Times:573

CoinPayz is a great site can help users claim free Tron. CoinPayz offer a variety of crypto withdrawals to various types of wallets. The wallets they offer withdraws to are: FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto, Payeer, Binance,, and direct wallet for some coins. Depending on which one you choose, there are different minimums and fees. 

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Creation Date:Aug 28,2021
Last Payment Time:May 11,2022
Claim URL:
Owner Name:Faucetbase
Supports Currencies:TRX , DASH , BCH , DGB , DOGE , FEY , LTC , USDT , ZEC
Paid Amount Past an Hour:$53.90 
Paid Amount Past 24 Hours:$135.58 
Paid Amount a Month:$8,435.44 
Active User:5872
Total Paid Times:3597

Claim TRX is a great Tron faucet that allows the highest earnings per claim. Indeed, on this site each complaint brings you 2,000,000 satoshi or 0.02 TRX.

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