What Getzen provides to users and how Getzen works, you must know about Getzen What are the opportunities to make money. How to use Getzen to get the most benefits and some extra money, and so on. Here, I will share my experience and views on Getzen. In addition, I will try to point out the advantages and disadvantages of Getzen. But you are the one who makes the final decision. So if you want to know if Getzen is worth your time, read on.

What is is a horizontal faucet, and you can claim the level through a claim every day (20 hours). Unlike most faucet websites, Getzen allows you to collect free cryptocurrency by returning advertising revenue. Every time you file a claim, the income will go directly into your own personal wallet, so be sure to set it up at the beginning. supports mobile, tablet and desktop, so you can start claiming on any device now!

How Does Work?

Getzen The official cryptocurrency faucet launched by cash cryptocurrency project team. Faucet is new, but it is developing actively. Level of return without investment (Zen) – a profitable option for additional income. Because cryptocurrency is very promising and the price growth is good, it is traded on many famous cryptocurrency exchanges.

We will first create a personal account and explain how to win zcash in the faucet.

How to Earn on

Faucet claims: 20 hours a day or 1-2 times: Getzen. Cash allows you to collect free horizen by filling in the verification code challenge on their home page. This is the main way to obtain free encryption on Getzen, but as we mentioned, it is a passive and non-interference way to collect free encryption. Next we will go into more detail on how to increase multipliers and the games they provide.

Blox jump game: Blox jump game is a simple click jump game. This getzen The purpose of the cash game is to raise the national flag on the pole by jumping from one block to another. When you collect tokens and raise the level, you will be able to convert these Blox tokens into horizontal currency. You need to collect at least 250 Blox tokens before conversion.

Increase the claim multiple: when you only claim from the faucet once or twice a day, you want to increase the claim as much as possible. allows you to do this in several different ways and may increase your claim rate by more than 2 times! First, you will automatically link your email, which will increase your multiplier. 2X. Then, when you link your Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn accounts, you can increase your claim multiple by 1, 1.2 or 1.9 times respectively.

Secondly, you can download the brake browser and use it to make claims, which will bring you an additional 20% claim bonus. Third, by downloading the Zen wallet and verifying the wallet, you can get 1.5 times the doubling bonus on the wallet. Fourth, the more Zen you accumulate in the verified Zen wallet, you can get up to 3 times the “sweet hodl” bonus! Finally, if you are in getzen If you make a claim on cash, you will receive a daily loyalty bonus for 6 consecutive days. The reward multiples are as follows. Once you reach day 5, you will receive a round of bonus (please make sure to click on the top star to apply), and you will have the opportunity to earn $5. After receiving the daily loyalty bonus for 6 consecutive days, the bonus will be reset and you will recover in your own way.

  • Day 2: 1.05x reward
  • Day 3: 1.1x reward
  • Day 4: 1.15x reward
  • Day 5: 1.2x reward + bonus round
  • Day 6: 1.25x reward

Is a Scam?

Getzen The cash website looks legitimate and is paying for it at the time of writing this comment. However, this does not guarantee that Getzen will continue to pay in the future, nor will it have any financial problems, so I cannot give a 100% true answer to this question.

How Much Can I Earn from is a little-known new cryptocurrency faucet, but its profitability is better than many other similar faucets. Getzen The greatest advantage of cash is the support for developers of this cryptocurrency (there is no cheating method). You can use the bonus to increase the amount paid. Visit the website every day to verify Zen wallet and get bonus Referral Program

Getzen uses a level 4 referral system. This means that if you recommend someone, you will get 20% of their income, and your recommendation will win 10% for you, then their recommendation will win 5% for you and 3% for them.

How to Withdraw on

Getzen One of the best features of cash is automatic payment after claim. After you make daily claims to horizen, you can deposit these claims directly into your wallet without any effort. To start, make sure you set your wallet address on the my rewards page.


In a few lines, I will try to share my experience and views on Getzen. Legal and profitable without investment. When I have a lot of money, all I have to do is pass on my profits to binance. You just have to be at can make huge profits by making claims.

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