How to Transfer From Coinbase to Coinbase Pro – Is There Any Fees

How to Transfer From Coinbase to Coinbase Pro - Is There Any Fees

A well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform owned by Coinbase Global Incorporated is Coinbase Pro. These platforms, which provide protection for both deposited money and bought virtual currency, are the biggest regulated exchanges in the US. However, how do you switch from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro?

From your Coinbase Wallet, you can transfer cryptocurrency to your Coinbase account. 1. Open the Wallet app, then select Send. 3. You should enter the transfer amount.

Can You Transfer from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro?

Yes, you are free to move any part of your portfolio to Coinbase Pro whenever you like and without paying any extra costs.

You might have opened your Coinbase account as a novice cryptocurrency trader. To advance your knowledge and abilities, you used their straightforward user interface and video lessons. You need a more sophisticated user interface because you now want more control over your trading choices.

Or perhaps your buy-and-hold investing strategy was what you used when you first opened your Coinbase account. To make more informed purchases, however, you now want to use stop orders and limit orders. Moving to an exchange platform that enables high-volume trading is what you want to do.

How to Transfer to Coinbase Pro

Despite the fact that your Coinbase and Coinbase Pro accounts are linked, they each have their own wallet. Here’s how you can transfer from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro:

  1. Log into Coinbase Pro
  2. Go to the Coinbase Pro trading page
  3. Find the coin you want to deposit into Coinbase Pro
  4. Select your Coinbase Account
  5. Select Deposit at the bottom of the window

Below, we’ll take a closer look at each of these actions.

Step 1: Log into Coinbase Pro

How to Transfer From Coinbase to Coinbase Pro - Is There Any Fees

Your Coinbase account credentials can be used to sign into Coinbase Pro. Simply enter your Coinbase username and password as usual.

Step 2: Go to the Coinbase Pro Trading Page

How to Transfer From Coinbase to Coinbase Pro - Is There Any Fees

You are wanting to deposit assets into your Pro account, so go ahead and find the “Deposit” button. This is typically located on the portfolio page, to the left of the wallet, and is easy to find. Once you select “Deposit”, a pop-up window will appear.

Step 3: Find the Coin You Want to Deposit into Coinbase Pro

How to Transfer From Coinbase to Coinbase Pro - Is There Any Fees

You will then be asked to choose the type of currency (i.e. BTC, ETC), which you want to deposit to Coinbase Pro.

The most popular currencies are available as pre-populated options for choosing a currency type.

Step 4: Select Your Coinbase Account

How to Transfer From Coinbase to Coinbase Pro - Is There Any Fees

In the drop-down box, click on Coinbase Wallet. You can see how much money is available in your Coinbase wallet (from Coinbase) that you can transfer to Coinbase Pro. Go to Coinbase and add the funds there if you don’t already have any there. Additionally, you can directly fund Coinbase using your PayPal account.

Step 5: Select Deposit at the Bottom of the Window

Finally, just select the Source (which will be the wallet you want to transfer from), enter the Amount (which will be the amount you want to transfer), and then finish it off by hitting the Deposit <entered amount> button to transfer to Coinbase Pro.

That’s all there is to it for moving funds from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro!

Coinbase to Coinbase Pro Transfer Fees

Transfer fees apply when moving your Coinbase assets to another cryptocurrency exchange. But there are no costs involved when you move your Coinbase assets to Coinbase Pro! Move your assets to Coinbase Pro if you’re looking for a more sophisticated exchange platform.

Pros and Cons for Difference Users

Even though Coinbase Pro has benefits, not everyone should choose it. The user interface and overall experience will be challenging for novice investors. The high volume, tiered fee schedule offered by Coinbase Pro might not be the best option for you if you are using a buy-and-hold strategy.

Make your decision after doing your research. You should select the exchange that best fits your trading strategy because each has advantages and disadvantages.

Instead, you might prefer to use Coinbase as the platform where you deposit funds into your cryptocurrency account using a credit or debit card, PayPal, or both. The balance can then be transferred to Coinbase at no additional cost, which will ultimately save you money.

Reasons to Transfer to Coinbase Pro

Beginner cryptocurrency investors like Coinbase. You can quickly learn how to switch from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro thanks to its straightforward user interface, straightforward charting, and user education that is already included.


You spend a lot of money on each transaction with Coinbase’s fee structure. If your trading strategy is to buy and hold, this is acceptable. However, the fees are prohibitive if you want to make high volume trades.

On the other hand, Coinbase Pro is designed for investors who want to engage in active cryptocurrency trading. They have a maker-taker fee structure and offer users discounts based on how many trades they execute on the platform. Based on monthly trading volume, these fees begin at 0.50% and taper off for higher volume traders.

Stop and Limit Orders

Making more informed purchasing decisions is possible with the use of stop orders and limit orders. Advanced charting views are another feature of Coinbase Pro. The typical view displays the candlestick chart of the high and low prices over a specified period of time. It is possible to configure the advanced view to display multiple overlays of the exponential moving averages. A cryptocurrency’s performance can now be better understood by experienced traders thanks to the easier access to information.

More Control

Coinbase Pro makes their API keys available, giving you even more control over your cryptocurrency trading. This implies that you can connect third-party apps to your Coinbase account. To have complete control over your cryptocurrency trading, you can set up your own third-party apps.


If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, the Coinbase platform is a great place to start. The system’s simple charts, intuitive user interface, and integrated educational resources will help you become proficient in no time. If you want to take advantage of features like improved charting, spot trading, and low fees, you’ll need Coinbase Pro in order to engage in active cryptocurrency trading.

Additionally, moving your assets from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro can be done quickly, securely, and without incurring any costs. You should be fine as long as you follow our advice.

FAQs on Coinbase

Is There a Fee to Transfer from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro?

It costs nothing for Coinbase users to transfer their fiat money or digital currencies to Coinbase Pro at any time.

Is Coinbase Pro Worth Upgrading?

For users with more experience trading cryptocurrencies, Coinbase Pro is a great option. Because of its thorough charting, a wide range of trading tools, and low fees, it’s a lovely alternative for managing your cryptocurrency portfolio.

So, does upgrading to Coinbase Pro make sense? Yes, for seasoned traders, it is worthwhile.

Is Coinbase Pro Free?

The use and registration for Coinbase Pro are both free.

Are Both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro the Same?

Coinbase Global Inc. owns both platforms, which are well-known cryptocurrency exchanges., and they have several features in common. With its more sophisticated features, Coinbase Pro, however, has a number of advantages over Coinbase.

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