What is Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwall Earning Site?

What is Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwall Earning Site

In this article, we will review the Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwall advertising network. In this review, we will cover many aspects of this advertising network, such as “what is Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwall?”, How to register on the Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwall advertising network? What are the characteristics of the Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwall advertising network? Let’s start with the Offerwall review.

What is Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwall?

Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls are advertisements within applications that reward users for completing specific operations. Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls is widely used in mobile games on Android and IOS applications. For example, if users reach level 12 in the game or make in-app purchases, they can get additional game coins. Offerwalls can also be used to motivate video advertising participation and application downloads. The main idea behind bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls is to establish user participation and monetize non-paying users through free services. By constantly adding new functions, Offerwalls have created countless opportunities for users to make money.

How Does Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls Work?

Developers embed a bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls in the game or application. The operation call on the user interface will guide the user to access the Offerwall. For example, the “earn free points” button on the game. The launch of Offerwall provides users with different incentives and actions. They must complete these incentives and actions to win them, such as:

  • Fill in the survey
  • Watch video ads
  • Make in-App Purchases
  • Most awards are usually in the form of bitcoin or game bonuses.

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How to Register Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls with Your Website?

During our review, we found that the following simple steps are required when integrating or registering, or registering Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls advertising network. These steps are listed below:

  • Please visit the official website of Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls
  • Fill out your email and click “Register” via Facebook or email.
  • Verify your email
  • Open the portal of Adcombo
  • Submit your ad to the bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls advertising network for approval.
  • Monetization options

But how do these platforms generate revenue? The Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls platform implements different monetization strategies to increase revenue and pay users. The most popular ones include award videos, award surveys, and Offerwall.

Reward Video

Many of these platforms, such as inbox dollars, Swagbucks, Featurepoints, Cointiply, and Chally, prompt users to watch videos to earn cash or other rewards. In this case, publishers make money for each video completed by users. Reward video constitutes a popular form of profit provided by different advertising networks in the market (such as Appodal, Ironsource, Mopub, Applixir, and Adplayer).

Reward Survey

Prizerebel, prolific, points box, dollar hot, and other platforms take reward surveys as a monetization strategy. By using incentive surveys, publishers can make money for each survey successfully completed by users, and top brands and advertising agencies can conduct market research in this form. Reward surveys provide an interactive and interesting monetization option that allows users to express their views on a variety of topics. Companies that provide incentive surveys include the polish, cint, Toluna, etc.


Offerwalls are walls that show users multiple projects and provide rewards or incentives for users. Offerwall users can complete tests, and surveys, play new games, or complete other tasks. Offerwalls is a very popular monetization solution for websites and mobile applications. Most of the above publishers, such as rocash and DollarReward, use the Offerwall method on their platforms to achieve higher ECPM and Arpdau. In the market, many advertising networks offer quotations, such as Ironsource, Adgem, Adgate, Offertoro, and Pesona.

In short, thanks to the Internet and Beermoney platform, people can earn cash or other rewards from the sofa. There are many platforms available to help them increase their income by completing surveys, watching videos, and introducing friends and others. Publishers with Beermoney Platform should carefully consider the multiple advertising networks available in the market and the monetization model they provide, so as to select the advertising network that is suitable for their business model and can help them increase their revenue.

How Much Money Can you Earn Through Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls?

To be honest, Crypto Offerwalls won’t make you rich. However, it’s really a good source of extra income. You can sit on the sofa, on the terrace or wait for the next bus. If you want to conduct paid surveys on a regular basis, most of them cost between 50 cents and $10. This also depends on the number of surveys, but up to 3-5 surveys can be conducted per day. At this price, you can earn $15 to $25 a week at the survey site.

How to Make the Most Money in Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls?

If you really want to get the most out of the best paid online survey sites, there are several ways to do this.

Register to Multiple Sites

If you only rely on one bitcoin (BTC) offer wall, your cash reserves will not increase. With a large number of legitimate paid surveys roaming the Internet, you can register with the best cash paid survey website. It’s free anyway, so go buy it!

Explore other Profitable Tasks

Bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls is not the only way. Websites such as Swagbucks, Mypoints and Prizerebel provide a variety of profitable tasks, such as watching videos, playing games, searching web pages, etc.

Refer Your Friend

The referral program is a good way to earn passive income. If you let your friends or family join the survey website, bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls will reward you for this.

Achieve Daily or Weekly Goals

Some of the highest-paid survey sites reward consistency. For example, if you reach your point goal this week, bitcoin (BTC) Offerwalls will give you additional points. It’s easy to make money.

Participate in a Lucky Draw

Now, if you want a one-time big shot, there are several research websites that offer lottery tickets as payment. Use it to try your luck in the lottery!

A paid investigation is worth it, but it should be accompanied by a warning. The Internet is full of websites that only focus on your personal data, which may expose you to cyber attacks.

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